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In order to make your, and others’, time on Acitius a positive one, we have compiled a list of Site Rules for you to follow. Please note that these Rules are subject to change at any time and, in the case of such, these changes are effective immediately.

Make sure to keep yourself familiar with these Rules and check up on them on a regular basis. For additional information on other site policies, we suggest you read the Terms of Service (ToS), Privacy Policy, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in your account being banned.


  • Acitius has a site rating of PG-13. Mild swearing (i.e. shit, damn, hell) is allowed, while more vulgar swearing (i.e. fuck) is not. References to, and depictions of, sexualized nudity, graphic violence, and drug use are not allowed. This rating applies to all areas of the site and the official Discord server.

  • The use of racial, sexual, or other slurs and/or hate speech may result in the immediate banning of your account(s).

  • While users are welcome to use official Acitius art on the Acitius website, as well as custom pet images, you must include the following disclaimer if you use these materials anywhere off of the site: “Copyright 2009-2019 Acitius, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission”.

  • Acitius is a non-commercial service that should only be used for non-commercial purposes. You are not allowed to use Acitius to make real world money. If you are an artist selling commission work, you must provide fairly priced payment options in Acitius currency.


  • Do not attempt to gain access to another user’s account or anything located therein. Attempting to gain access to another user’s account may result in the banning of your own account, and may result in a permanent ban from the site.

  • Do not impersonate other users. Impersonating staff members may result in the banning of your account.

  • Do not claim others' artwork as your own, or do anything else which implies you are the rightful owner and/or creator of content that you do not own/did not create. If you want to use someone else’s work, ask them and respect their wishes. It is a good idea to keep documentation of their permission on hand, as Acitius Staff may ask for proof.

  • Acitius Staff will never ask for your password, real name, age, gender, mailing address, personal photographs, or other personal information. As such, you should follow our lead and treat other users, including staff members, with the same respect and not ask for, look for, or otherwise attempt to gain access to their personal information.

  • Be careful giving out your personal information online. Not everyone is who they claim to be and you cannot take the information back once it has been released. Acitius cannot be held liable if you give out your private information and there is a negative outcome. All personal information that Acitius, Inc. asks for upon registration may be hidden from other users through the Edit Profile page.

  • Acitius, Inc. will never sell or otherwise distribute your personal information to any third party unless required by law enforcement or applicable law.

  • Keep all your contact information up to date and double check it for typos. Should you have trouble accessing the site, Acitius Staff will use the information available on your user profile to verify who you claim to be.

  • All users may only own one (1) account. Side accounts created before May 1, 2017 are grandfathered in and may be kept, but users have the option to contact @Piinke to have their pets, items, AP, and other assets consolidated with the user’s primary account. Failure to abide by this rule may result in the banning of all accounts and a permanent ban from the site.

  • Each account is to be used by one (1) user only.

  • Let everyone have an equal chance on the site: do not cheat, hack, or otherwise do things which may give you an unfair advantage over other users. These activities include, but are not limited to, gaining AP, items, achievements, trophies, etc. with the help of scripts, bots, programs, generators, or any other method which does not involve you playing the site as intended. The use of multiple accounts to artificially inflate the prices of an auction, or items in user shops, or to gain additional AP through games, quests, achievements, or the like is strictly prohibited. If you find a bug, glitch, or other potential exploit on the site, please report it to Piinke immediately.

  • Posting music and videos on Acitius is permitted, however you must include a clearly visible (and working) way to stop and/or pause the video. The content of these videos must fit the restrictions of a PG-13 rating. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain their video players and make sure they are working at all times.

  • Do not post multiple forum threads in a row, post threads that do not generate discussion, post threads with misleading, irrelevant, or otherwise unhelpful titles, intentionally post multiple times in a row in a thread, post a large amount of swearing, images, videos, etc. in a single post, post page stretching content on the forums, Online Artist, user profiles, pet profiles, or elsewhere; or flame, troll, or otherwise harass other users.

  • Remember that the forums are meant for more than two-way conversations. If you intend for only one user to reply to your thread, please send them a private mail or comment on their profile. The only exception to this rule is if you are hosting a private Roleplay, in which case you are allowed to specify your roleplay thread is intended for a specific user to reply to.

  • Make sure you post in the appropriate forum section. If your post fits more than one section, or you are not sure which section to post in, use your best judgment. We will correct you if you are wrong.

  • Be respectful of other users and their points of view. Debating a topic is fine, as long as posts are respectful and fair to others and their opinions. Arguments that devolve into mudslinging, name calling, harassment, flaming, trolling, or other hurtful behavior will be locked and users may be warned, muted, or banned depending on the severity of their behavior.

  • Speak English. We understand that members of our community come from all over the globe and that there may be differences in the languages spoken by site users. However, in order to make everyone’s lives easier, we ask that you please use English.

  • While we also understand that there are regional variances in the English language, we request that you refrain from using excessive chat-speak, slang, or other forms of niche vernacular.


  • Users may not have copyrighted characters or content as custom pets on Acitius. Any art resembling copyrighted material must differ enough from the character's original iteration that Acitius staff can easily tell that the art has not been traced, copied, or otherwise stolen from the source material. Custom pets found in violation of this rule will be restored to their original pet species. If you are unsure whether your custom pet art is in compliance, please contact a member of staff.

  • In cases where custom pets are sold, the purchasing user gains rights to make changes to the pet's name, stats, level, gamma, foods eaten, books read, relationship, dating presents, sacred stones, armory equipment, custom BFF pages, and profile page. The new owner gains the rights to use the pet's custom species name and the pet's custom art on at their discretion; these rights do not, however, extend off site. The new owner gains the rights to recustomize the pet if so chosen, and may choose for this art to imitate any prior custom pet art attached to the pet. Purchasers do not gain rights to any "original characters" that may have been attached to the custom pet, and therefore the original creator of a custom pet may create a similar pet in the future, so long as they do not reuse art attached to the sold custom pet.

  • Custom pets may not be sold, traded, or otherwise given to others off site, nor may they be sold on-site for real life money. In cases where custom art is created through an on-site contest, the user running the contest becomes the rightful owner to any, and all, submissions unless otherwise stated and may be the sole user of these materials on

  • Each user is allowed to have a maximum of eighty (80) pets: sixteen (16) pet slot upgrades from the Webshop, and four (4) additional pet slots from the Crystal Cavern. Users who created their side accounts prior to May 1, 2017 may keep all of the pet slots that they had on their side accounts even if they choose to consolidate their side accounts into their primary account, up to a maximum of eighty (80) pets between all of their accounts. In no situation should a user have more than eighty (80) pets between all accounts.

  • The Dating & Friendship forum is for pets and the Dating feature only. If you are looking for real life companionship, there are plenty of other websites that would be a better use of your time.

Please report anyone who you see breaking the Rules or Terms of Service to Piinke or any of the Moderators listed on the staff page. This will help keep Acitius safe, fun, and running smoothly.

If you are still unsure of things you can and cannot do on the site, do not hesitate to read the Etiquette Guide in the forums, or to ask a staff member. Because we cannot cover every possible scenario in the Rules, ToS, and the Privacy Policy, Acitius Staff reserve the right to take whatever action deemed necessary in order to keep the site safe for all users.

Remember, only people with @ next to their username are Staff.
6,034 Members
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