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One-player Arena

To initiate a one-player match, go to the Explore map and select one of the battling locations. The difficulty levels affect both the number of opponents and the level of the opponents. The amount of XP your pets can gain is based on both their level and the difficulty that you chose. If your pet's level is too high, then it will gain no XP.

The Colosseum is another option for one-player battles. In a Colosseum battle, you pay Cyan Crystals to be able to fight against an opponent of your choosing. The Colosseum opponents are different from the opponents found on the Explore map, and are more difficult to beat.

Player VS Player Arena

The link to the Player VS Player (PVP) arena can be found in the navigation bar. When making a challenge, you may choose the size of each team's party (1~3) and a level restriction. Challenges may only be sent to users who are online. No XP is awarded for PVP matches.

Arena Stats

Stats on character screen

HP - If this is depleted to 0, you lose the battle.

MP - Some abilities require MP to use.

STR - Determines your base damage and base Attack.

END - Determines your base HP and base Defense.

DEX - Determines your maximum accuracy level as well as critical hit rate.

AGI - Determines your maximum evasion level as well as turn order.

MAG - Determines your maximum intelligence level as well as your magical accuracy/evasion.

Accuracy - The main stat in determining whether or not you will hit your target.

Evasion - The main stat in determining whether or not you will evade your target.

Magical Accuracy (MAcc) - The main stat in determining whether or not the target will evade your magical attacks.

Light, dark, fire, water, ice, earth, voltage, wind resistances - Increase your chances of evading a magic of the corresponding element.

Stats on equipment/buffs

Attack - Augments damage values.

Defense - Augments damage values.

Delay - The main stat in determining how long you will have to wait after using an ability until your next turn.

Critical - The main stat in determining whether or not you will score a critical hit.

Counter-Attack - The only stat in determining whether or not you will negate your opponent's attack and hit them back.

HP Regen - Can either restore or deplete HP each move you make depending on whether it is + or -.

MP Regen - Can either restore or deplete MP each move you make depending on whether it is + or -.

Paralyze - The main stat in determining whether or not your physical attack will induce paralysis.

Resist Ailment - The main stat in determining whether or not you will evade a specific ailment.

Attack X-Y Times - This will only ever appear on weapons. When it does, it will sometimes hit a target multiple times.

RES - Increases resistance towards ailments and elements.

The Arena on Old AMZ

The Arena was [AMZ | AMZ's] battling feature. There were two forms of the arena, the Multi-Player Arena and the Single-Player Arena. The Arena is currently in alpha testing.

Multi-Player Arena

This was the first part of the Arena to be released. It was the typical Arena that can be found at most pet sites. Your character fights against another character. You and the other member must be on at the same time to control which attacks your character uses. In addition to weapons, there were various abilities that your character could use. They were:

  • Freeze
  • Regenerate
  • Heal
  • Poison
  • Burn
  • Possibly one additional ability

You could use either an ability or a weapon per round.

The Multi-Player Arena stopped working after AMZ was hacked and was never fixed.

Single-Player Arena

The Single-Player Arena, SPA, was more than simply fighting an [NPC]. You could pick up to six of your own characters to fight the enemy. There would be a map and your characters would be placed on it, along with a number of enemies. There would be a few obstacles in the way that had to be walked around. Your character could walk five steps per turn and attack. Each weapon had its own unique configuration for the attack. For example, Wand of da Angels was a box, and Scepter of the Heavens was horizontal and a vertical line that ran throughout the screen with an empty box in the middle. Each weapon had a limited range as to how far it could be used. You could move your characters around the arena to pick up AP. There was a cap of 33,678 AP.

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