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Reading a book to your pet increases their INT (Intelligence). Higher intelligence will allow your pet to use certain weapons and armours. Books can also be added to your library. Some books will drop rare recipes that may otherwise be unobtainable. Books can be torn to shreds by your pet after having read them, which destroys the item. Books that have not been torn to shreds can be read to other pets.

List of Books

Image Name Description INT Given Bought From Cost
About Lorilos.gif About Lorilos Can lorilos really see into the future? Can they predict catastrophic events before they happen? Why are they so cute anyway? Well, this book doesn't tell you any of that but it's chock full of pictures. Worth it. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
About Namods.gif About Namods Not much is known about this super genius alien species, but what we do know is contained in this book! 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
All About Ferros.gif All About Ferros Maybe if you leave a bunch of these around the house, your parents will get you a ferro for your birthday. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
Bubble Book.gif Bubble Book Clean and informative! 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
Cap Crusades.gif Cap Crusades Although lithe in appearance, caps are some of the most powerful pets on the planet and have led several remarkable crusades on behalf of their species. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
Chreu Facts.gif Chreu Facts From their favorite snacks to proper tail tuft hygiene, everything you ever needed to know about taking care of your chreu is in this book. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
Collecting Toys.gif Collecting Toys A full-color book detailing all the toys and plushies in Acitius. Complete with checklists, rarity guides, and photos of the largest collections in the kingdom. 1 INT Tinker's Toys 150 AP
Curse of Squidopheles.gif Curse of Squidopheles Squidopheles is a villain unknown to many Acitians today. Recent events in our history have managed to overshadow his long, dark rule over the kingdom. Squidopheles may be gone but he should never be forgotten. Time to brush up on your history! 2 INT Bound to Please 200 AP
Gardening.gif Gardening A book on gardening. Simple, sweet, and to-the-point. 2 INT Bound to Please 200 AP
Guide to Staying Single.gif Guide to Staying Single You don't need a guide when you're already a natural. ;) 2 INT Bound to Please 200 AP
Hearts A PopUp Book.gif Hearts: A Pop-Up Book Each page contains a different pop-up with an adorable saying on it. It's truly love in the third dimension! <3  ?? INT Bound to Please 200 AP (Valentine's)
Holy Fishstix!.gif Holy Fishstix! Holy Fishstix! A book about Acitius Kingdom's sacred, deep-fried delicacy and how it came to stake its claim as such. Includes exclusive interviews with The Old Man, Finneous, and King @Ace himself. 3 INT Bound to Please 250 AP
Legends of Acitius City.gif Legends of Acitius City This book is said to contain information on the dark history of Acitius City.  ?? INT Colosseum Defeat Spirit of the Woods N/A
Mequar Folklore and Legends.gif Mequar: Folklore and Legends Although we now know them as frisky pranksters, mequars have a long and extensive history behind them. You can start your history lesson with this book of mequar legends and folklore. Some stories are truer than others. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
Official Fei Book.gif Official Fei Book No TOM, this is not a recipe book. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
Stryk Tooth and Claw.gif Stryk: Tooth and Claw They're really not as scary as this cover implies. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
Summer at Spike Pond.gif Summer at Spike Pond A group of young spikes spend a summer at camp that they will never forget. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
The Book of Glowe.gif The Book of Glowe A fun pop-up book with basic facts about our favorite fiery spirits! 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
The Felynx Files.gif The Felynx Files *spooky music plays* 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
The Fraug.gif The Fraug All the questions you were too afraid to ask. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
Valkyrs A Complete Informational Guide.gif Valkyrs: A Complete Informational Guide A guide on how to raise and train these legendary fighters. 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
Winter Foraging.gif Winter Foraging If your owner hasn't been feeding you lately, it's time to venture into the wilderness and fend for yourself. This book will teach you all you need to know about foraging for food in the harsh winter months. 2 INT Bound to Please 200 AP
Wrood.gif Wrood A cautionary tale for children about a schoolyard bully. It's one of @Adam's favorites, for some reason... 1 INT Bound to Please 150 AP
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