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There are two types of Quests on Acitius: daily quests and story quests. Daily quests can be completed once a day and story quests can only be completed once.

Story quests are given to you by clients which are usually NPCs, though they can also be your pets. A quest can be started by visiting an NPC, going to a specific location, or witnessing an event. Some quests are only accessible after completing other quests, and some can only be started through random events. A quest is begun once you click the red exclamation point that indicates its starting point. They are completed by performing tasks for the client, including visiting certain areas in Acitius and collecting different items.

The Top Questers page shows the users who have completed the most quests, although A Fro Feast and Shopping Don'ts do not get included in your score.

Basic Story Quests

Quest Name Client Writer(s) Reward Prerequisites
A Crazy Thing Called Love Fiyero Kikia Fire Mequar Plushie & 5,000 AP None
A Guilty Conscience Aethelia Ace 2,000 AP Complete Potion Problem
A Pet is Born Your pet papermonkey 2,000 AP None
A Sticky Situation Mint Bookwyrm 5,000 AP & Mint's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream None
Action League – NOW Tai elyon 3,000 AP Complete Serving Justice
An Enchanting Mess Aethelia erica 7,500 AP & Primrose Tea Quest Sweet Secrets
CATastrophe! Your Felynx elyon 5,000 AP & Extra Fluffy Felynx Plushie A Felynx
Curses! Aethelia N/A 15,000 AP & Spirit of the Woods Trophy & Miniature Giant Fan Replica Defeat Spirit of the Woods
Feed me, FEED ME Your Pet lucas 1,000 AP & Galaxy Cake Recipe Cooking Lv.35
Grey Magic Your Pet elyon 5,000 AP & Witch's Brew Recipe Magician Lv.10
Groggy Fraugy Giuseppe Ace and hellen Fei Bread Recipe Cooking Lv.25
Hidden Elements Victoire lucas 13,000 AP & Elemental Orb of your choice & Hidden Temple enemies may drop elemental stones Complete Memories Best Left Forgotten
Honest Decisions Tinker Ace 5,000 AP Complete Life Decisions
Into the Darkness The Darkness Ace Cellar Access None
Kozen Corral Finneous lucas 5,000 AP & Kozen Ribs & Boutique con Carne now stocks Pinga Roast None
Life Decisions Tinker elliott 5,000 AP None
L'amour Perdu Fiyero lucas 6,000 AP & Lemon Juice Complete A Crazy Thing Called Love and have a married pet
Memories Best Left Forgotten Victoire Ace 3,000 AP & Fei Blaster Complete A Guilty Conscience and Tech-Savvy
Moving On Cassie Ace 5,000 AP Complete Into the Darkness
Phenomenal Cosmic Power Your pet Urby 5,000 AP & Uberprotein Milkshake Recipe Warlord Lv.10
Potion Problem Aethelia Ace Aethelia's Magic & Potions will stock Gamma Pops. None
Proving Innocence Escaped Pinga Bookwyrm 7,000 AP & Eternal Friendship Complete Serving Justice
Serving Justice Roscoe Ace and peacebitches Extermination unlocked None
Song of the Tinkerer Tinker Urby 5,000 AP & Boiled Crab Recipe Complete Life Decisions
Sweet Secrets Boris Fear 7,000 AP None
Tech-Savvy Victoire Drakath 2,000 AP None
Toll of the Stench You ORenyRen 5,000 AP No Deodorant
When Life Gives You Lemons Adam Fear 5,000 AP & Lemon Milkshake Recipe None
Who You Gonna Call? Aethelia Bookwyrm 1,000 AP & Phantasm Dust Account Age (1 Month)
Whom Mortals Annoy... Aethelia Bookwyrm 5,000 AP & Spirit of the Woods (Colosseum) Complete Who You Gonna Call?

Seasonal Story Quests

Quest Name Client Writer(s) Reward Prerequisites
A Fro Feast Fro lucas 5,000 AP & Drakkles Plushie Only available on April 1
Firebird Festivities Qiao plushie 2,000 AP & Seregan Sparklers Only available January 4th - 10th
Shopping Don'ts Fro Ace and lucas Fro Sacred Not-Stone Only available on June 19

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