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There are currently four available classes for pets on Acitius. Sorcerers, Clerics, Warriors, and Rogues all have different skills to use during battles in the Arena, and have different weapons and armor available to them. Classes are not permanent: they can be changed at any time, but the levels are not transferable. This means that if you level a pet to level 15 Warrior and change them to a Cleric, they will have to be leveled up to 15 again (as a Cleric). You can change them back to a level 15 Warrior at any time by setting their class on the equipment page. It is also from the equipment page that you can choose what skills your pet will use, and arrange their order.


Main Classes


Main article: Cleric

Clerics are the healers of the game. Their abilities make them valuable teammates, as they can heal, resurrect, and buff their allies. Clerics also have the ability to use offensive magical attacks, though their offensive abilities are outnumbered by their supportive ones. They use MP for the majority of their abilities, with some skills costing as much as 50 MP. The weapons and armor tailored to them usually increase their Magic, but they also raise their Curing Potency. Clerics usually have low HP, so they need to be protected!


Main article: Sorcerer

Sorcerers are the offensive magic class that dominate in the Colosseum with their devastating abilities. They attack their enemies with the power of the elements, and can poison their targets with their magic. Sorcerers have the ability to buff the magical accuracy of their team with their Sorcery. Their attacks usually cost between 4 - 9 MP, so it's important to equip them with MP increasing items, otherwise they might run out during battle.


Main article: Rogue

As the stealth class of Acitius, Rogues center their abilities on avoiding being detected by their enemies. They are masters of evasion, and favor abilities like Sneak and Shadow. Rogues are the fastest attackers in the Arena, and use this speed to their advantage when they steal the items of their enemies with Pilfer. They don't use MP in battle, and only a few of their skills cost ZP. The weapons made for Rogues increase their Agility and Counter-Attack, and are often speedy Slashing weapons.


Main article: Warlord

The Warrio class has the most health of all the classes, and uses no MP for their skills. Their attacks are meant to cause high amounts of physical damage, and either have no cost or rely heavily on ZP. Though they are the damage-dealers of the Arena, Warriors also have abilities that can aid their allies: using Protect will allow them to take damage for one of their teammates. Warriors have an abundance of main hand weapons available to them, most of them sword-like weapons.

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