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This is a list of all the food available that is able to be eaten by Pets.

In addition to their other bonuses, all food will give your pet a 5% increase in experience gained in battle. All bonuses last for 30 minutes.


AP Items

These items are sold in NPC shops for AP.

Image Item Name Price in AP XP Bonuses Description
Almonds.gif Almonds 16 3 END+2 Almonds can be used for nearly anything - pies, chocolate, ice cream... they're even delicious just by themselves!
AMZade Berry Burst Soda.gif AMZade Berry Burst Soda 52 2 Accuracy+3 Magical Accuracy+3 Intellect-1 All of your favorite berries liquidfied into carbonated goodness. Yum!
AMZade Cola.gif AMZade Cola 11 1 HP+3 MP+3 Just an ordinary can of AMZade brand cola.
AMZade Root Beer.gif AMZade Root Beer 20 2 HP+3 Evasion+1 From the makers of AMZade Cola, comes AMZade Root Beer!
Angelic Fruit.gif Angelic Fruit 136 5 END+2 HP+10 This fruit has a gentle, airy taste. Eating it makes you and your character feel refreshed and elated.
Angelic Honey.gif Angelic Honey 201 5 END+2 MAG+2 Intellect+1 Angelic honey is made from the finest angelic fruit. One spoonful of this in your tea and your drink will be heavenly.
Apple.gif Apple 6 2 HP+3 It's a crispy, crunchy apple! Common but tasty, your character is sure to love it!
Apple Tea.gif Apple Tea 25 2 DEX+2 MAG+1 Aww, I thought that said Appletini. What a tease!
Apricot Jam Biscuit.gif Apricot Jam Biscuit 19 3 AGI+2 Evasion+1 MAG-1 A flaky, buttery cookie filled with apricot jam.
Asparagus.gif Asparagus 152 5 MAG+1 Intellect+3 HP+5 A bundle of asparagus looking a little on the stale side.
Atomic Lemon Splash.gif Atomic Lemon Splash 40 2 MP+10 HP-5 They say the Atomic Lemon is a dangerous weapon, however, they managed to make it into a delicious and perfectly safe soda. Hmmm...
Atomic Pickle.gif Atomic Pickle 65 3 AGI+3 Evasion+1 You'd think this would be related to the Atomic Lemon, but it's not.
Autumn Apple.gif Autumn Apple 55 3 END+1 HP+7 A strange species of apple that only appears in the fall. It has an earthy aftertaste.
Autumn Apple Honey.gif Autumn Apple Honey 78 2 STR+1 HP+10 What's this? I think I just tasted a few leaves. ...and a branch?
Avocado.gif Avocado 21 4 END+2 You can use avocados in a variety of dishes and dips, but they also taste great on their own with just a pinch of salt!
Baby Carrot.gif Baby Carrot 295 8 DEX+1 AGI+1 Evasion+1 Aww! It's so cute! You couldn't possibly be thinking about eating this...
Bacon.gif Bacon 18 2 STR+3 They say bacon is unhealthy, but mmmm, so good.
Bacon Soda.gif Bacon Soda 50 5 STR+1 AGI+1 Evasion+2 It's bacon. It's soda. It's Bacon Soda. ...ew.
Bagel.gif Bagel 10 1 END+1 HP+3 A simple bagel to get your character energized in the morning.
Baguette.gif Baguette 19 2 HP+5 Accuracy+2 Oui, oui!
Banana.gif Banana 9 2 DEX+2 A delicious banana. Macabons especially like these.
Basil.gif Basil 15 2 MAG+1 MP+7 STR-1 Herbs and spices can be used to add flavor to your recipes. This one in particular is basil!
Bay Leaves.gif Bay Leaves 15 2 MAG+1 MP+7 END-1 Bay leaves need to dry out for several weeks after picking in order to reach their full flavor.
Beef Jerky.gif Beef Jerky 15 2 STR+1 HP+5 Gnaw on this, tough stuff.
Bell Pepper.gif Bell Pepper 29 4 MAG+1 MP+5 *ding dong*
Berry Tea.gif Berry Tea 30 3 MAG+2 Magical Accuracy This tea is made from the succulent extracts of various species of berries. A Petaline original!
Biscotti.gif Biscotti 15 3 Accuracy+3 Biscotti are not just baked once. They're baked TWICE.
Black and White Coffee.gif Black and White Coffee 55 7 AGI+2 Evasion+3 HP-7 This cup of coffee is very politically correct.
Black Olives.gif Black Olives 20 3 STR+2 The other reindeer.
Blackberries.gif Blackberries 14 4 AGI+1 More like crackberries, right?
Blue Jello.gif Blue Jello 34 3 DEX+2 *wiggle*
Blue Spiked Fruit.gif Blue Spiked Fruit 20 2 MP+9 Be careful when eating this fruit. It's covered in spikes! This one appears to be blue.
Blue Star Cake.gif Blue Star Cake 41 4 MAG+1 HP+7 A beautiful cake made in shape of a star.
Blueberries.gif Blueberries 14 4 Intellect+1 MP+7 Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, always delicious.
Blueberry Cupcake.gif Blueberry Cupcake 30 3 AGI+1 MP+7 A vanilla cupcake topped with creamy frosting and fresh blueberries!
Blueberry Glowe Tart.gif Blueberry Glowe Tart 365 13 MAG+1 MP+10 Magical Accuracy+1 This blueberry glowe tart is as sweet as huckleberry, but not as sour as blackberry.
Blueberry Jam Biscuit.gif Blueberry Jam Biscuit 19 5 AGI+1 MP+5 A flaky, buttery cookie filled with blueberry jam.
Blueberry Muffin.gif Blueberry Muffin 12 2 MP+7 Magical Accuracy+1 It's totally good for you... Really... It's got blueberries... Those are totally antioxidants, man... I read those like... Anti...odixidize... you.
Blueberry Pie.gif Blueberry Pie 19 3 Intellect+2 MP+5 A delicious pie with blueberry filling. Throw some ice cream on there, and mmmm. Worth the calories.
Bottle of Water.gif Bottle of Water 10 1 END+1 HP+5 Don't forget to bring a bottle of water with you while you're training your character!
Bowl of Grapes.gif Bowl of Grapes 55 2 MAG+1 RES+2 These grapes have been put in a bowl for easy access.
Bread.gif Bread 9 1 HP+5 Accuracy+1 Think of all the things you can do with a loaf of bread. You can make a sandwich, some toast or a makeshift pair of wings!
Bread Crumbs.gif Bread Crumbs 5  ?  ? Aw yissss.
Broccoli.gif Broccoli 8 2 STR+1 HP+5 Eat your broccoli so you can grow big and strong like The Old Man!
Brown Egg.gif Brown Egg 9 3 DEX+1 It's an egg! A brown egg! Wait... what's the difference?
Bubbly Coffee.gif Bubbly Coffee 126 6 DEX+1 AGI+3 Evasion+2 HP-7 Your character's stomach is going to feel like a war zone after drinking this.
Burning Cinnamon Lollipop.gif Burning Cinnamon Lollipop 20 6 STR+3 HP-7 Yowch! This will wake your character up for sure!
Butchered Fei.gif Butchered Fei 33 4 STR+1 Intellect+1 HP+5 This is horrible, disgusting, cruel, and.......... delicious.
Butter.gif Butter 29 3 AGI+2 Evasion+1 I can't believe it's not butter! Oh, wait. It is.
Candy Apple.gif Candy Apple 45  ? Experience point bonus+5% HP+2 STR-1 [Resist Water] +2 The apple is to keep your teeth from rotting after you gnawed on that sugar for two hours.
Candle Fruit.gif Candle Fruit 63 4 MAG+1 MP+10 Tastes a bit waxy...
Candy Corn.gif Candy Corn 21 2 AGI+1 HP-2 Does anybody really like candy corn? I mean, you buy it for Halloween and then it sticks around for months because nobody eats it.
Candy Corn Pumpkin.gif Candy Corn Pumpkin 21 2 AGI+2 HP-4 And you thought candy corn couldn't get any more annoying. Ha!
Cap Cupcake.gif Cap Cupcake 500 14 MAG+4 MP+10 STR-3 Rumor has it that the arms are some sort of mutant green licorice.
Cappuccino.gif Cappuccino 100 6 AGI+4 Evasion+3 HP-7 Well aren't you a cool guy? 8)
Caramel Chocolate Creme Pie.gif Caramel Chocolate Creme Pie 100 5 STR+3 END+2 AGI-2 The Dodu's favorite pie. CAW CAW CAW!
Carrot Coffee.gif Carrot Coffee 60 5 AGI+3 Accuracy+5 END-2 Because apparently rabbits just weren't hyper enough.
Carrots.gif Carrots 23 3 DEX+1 Accuracy+3 Rumor has it eating lots of carrots improves your eyesight!
Cauliflower.gif Cauliflower 22 2 END+1 Accuracy+2 Who bleached my broccoli?
Celery.gif Celery 10 1 END+1 MP+3 These things have negative calories, so they're a good diet snack... But everyone knows you're just going to slap on some peanut butter, top it with raisins and call it ants on a log anyway.
Cheery.gif Cheery 15 1 AGI+1 MP+5 An odd species of cherry unique to the kingdom. It looks like it's smiling, doesn't it?
Cheery Tea.gif Cheery Tea 30 3 AGI+1 Accuracy+1 Evasion+1 HP-3 Start off your day as cheery as possible!
Cheese.gif Cheese 20 2 AGI+1 HP+5 Say cheese!
Cheese Cake.gif Cheese Cake 148 8 STR+3 HP+5 AGI-1 Get it?
Cheese Coffee.gif Cheese Coffee 60 2 AGI+2 DEF+2 Ah, cheese coffee. So good even the mug is edible.
Chelephant Cupcake.gif Chelephant Cupcake 200 100 MAG+5 Intellect+3 Magical Accuracy+2 MP+10 Evasion-3 A delectable cake mix with a touch of vodka, topped only by the sweest velvet-red icing to celebrate Elephant's birthday.
Cherries.gif Cherries 12 1 MAG+1 It's a cherry! Hotties can tie knots in the stem with their tongues, unfunfunf.
Chicken.gif Chicken 20 2 STR+2 Accuracy+1 Intellect-1 Hm. Tastes like chicken.
Chicken Broth.gif Chicken Broth 20 2 AGI+1 RES+1 Chicken broth can be used as the base for many different kinds of soups and stews!
Chocolate Chip Cookie.gif Chocolate Chip Cookie 9 1 Evasion+1 Old school original.
Chocolate Covered Squash.gif Chocolate Covered Squash 18 4 HP+7 MP+3 I don't know how I feel about this.
Chocolate Covered Strawberry.gif Chocolate Covered Strawberry 18 2 HP+3 MP+7 Oh la la! Share this with your special somebody.
Chocolate Frosted Doughnut.gif Chocolate Frosted Doughnut 20 2 DEX+2 Accuracy+1 AGI-1 A yummy doughnut covered in chocolate frosting.
Chocolate Ice Cream.gif Chocolate Ice Cream 14 3 STR+1 RES+1 HP-3 Boris claims that chocolate is his favorite thing in the entire world. Makes sense. Look at all the chocolate flavored items in his shop!
Chocolate Muffin.gif Chocolate Muffin 12 1 HP+5 Accuracy+1 The only thing better than one chocolate muffin is when you buy that huge cardboard slab of them... mmmm.
Chocolate Pumpkin.gif Chocolate Pumpkin 21 2 DEX+1 HP-2 *gasp!* Your character received this unwrapped! That means it's filled with poison and razor blades!
Chocolate Wroo.gif Chocolate Wroo 54 5 HP+10 AGI-1 Where will you bite first? The ears? The tail?
Christmas Cookies.gif Christmas Cookies 51 6 HP+10 MP-3 Just like Grandma used to make! Except the kingdom's granny is a little nutty. I wouldn't eat anything she gives you.
Cilantro.gif Cilantro 15 2 MAG+1 MP+7 DEX-1 Herbs and spices can be used to add flavor to your recipes. This one in particular is cilantro!
Cinnamon.gif Cinnamon 94 3 AGI+3 Evasion+1 HP-3 Sweet and spicy at the same time -- and just a hint of sheep.
Cinnamon Burn Candies.gif Cinnamon Burn Candies 13 1 MAG+2 HP-3 My tongue just fell out.
Citrus Tea.gif Citrus Tea 20 3 Evasion+3 Refreshing citrus tea!
Clam.gif Clam 20 4 HP+3 DEF+2 What's that smell?
Clementine.gif Clementine 16 5 DEX+2 Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my DAAAAARLING CLEMENTINE.
Cloud Tea.gif Cloud Tea 20 3 MAG+2 MP+3 The science degree I got from my local community college tells me this is impossible. But my tummy tells me it's delicious.
Clove of Garlic.gif Clove of Garlic 12 3 RES+2 HP-3 Now you can ward off all of the evil sparkling vampires with ease!
Clover Cookie.gif Clover Cookie 200 60 STR+1 MAG+3 HP+5 MP+15 It's magically deli--ohh, it's just a normal cookie.
Clover Tea.gif Clover Tea 200 60 MAG+5 MP+10 Magical Accuracy+3 Tea made from natural... clovers. I wonder if it tastes any good...
Coconut.gif Coconut 15 1 END+2 I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...
Coffee.gif Coffee 120 5 AGI+1 Evasion+3 The finest organic suspension ever devised.
Comet Fruit.gif Comet Fruit 500 7 AGI+7 Evasion+2 DEX-1 HP-10 ZOOM! There goes the comet fruit! If you can get a hold of this quick treat, you're sure to never forget it.
Confectionery Tea.gif Confectionery Tea 50 3 AGI+1 Evasion+2 HP-3 Ugh, I have a belly ache already...
COOCHSWEETS.gif COOCHSWEETS 1000 35 END+5 DEF+5 HP+10 Accuracy+5 Smells a bit sweet, smells a bit fishy. Smells like... Elliott.
Cooking Oil.gif Cooking Oil 141 1 AGI+3 Evasion+1 FireRes-2 *sizzle*
Corn.gif Corn 15 2 END+1 MP+5 Corn is in pretty much everything these days.
Cosmic Marshmallow Squares.gif Cosmic Marshmallow Squares 68 2 MAG+2 Magical Accuracy+3 HP-5 Cute marshmallow squares decorated with colorful stars.
Cosmic Tea.gif Cosmic Tea 45 3 MAG+1 Intellect+2 Made with the finest comet fruit, this cosmic tea is sure to make your day.
Cotton Candy Coffee.gif Cotton Candy Coffee 75 12 AGI+3 Evasion+3 Accuracy-3 This is the most delicious coffee you will ever taste!
Crab.gif Crab 25 6 DEF+4 HP-7 A raw crab fresh from the sea. It'll turn red once you cook it!
Cranberry Sauce.gif Cranberry Sauce 20 3 RES+4 AGI-2 Even though it's not canned, it's still making that *fwhp* sound. Creepy.
Cream Puff.gif Cream Puff 43 3 STR+3 AGI-1 HP-5 Look, it's a picture of you!
Creamy Marshmallow Squares.gif Creamy Marshmallow Squares 68 3 Accuracy+3 Magical Accuracy+1 Cute marshmallow squares topped with whipped cream!
Croissant.gif Croissant 10 1 MP+4 A buttery, flaky croissant.
Cucumber.gif Cucumber 18 2 HP+5 RES+1 An unfermented pickle! Booooring.
Cucumber Sandwiches.gif Cucumber Sandwich 45 5 HP+7 Which can you taste more -- the bread or the cucumber?
Curry Powder.gif Curry Powder 10 3 STR+2 AGI+1 HP-3 POW!
Dates.gif Dates 24 4 DEF+3 The only date you'll ever get.
Dagger Fruit.gif Dagger Fruit 130 5 STR+4 Accuracy+1 HP-7 AHHH! CALL THE POLICE! SOMEONE'S BEEN STABBED! Just kidding. It's only a dagger fruit.
Dead Rose Tea.gif Dead Rose Tea 100  ? Experience point bonus+5% [Resist Light] +3 HP-1 Dead. Like my soul. After my crush refused to return my feelings. What a jerk.
Devious Berry.gif Devious Berry 189 4 MAG+4 Intellect+1 Evasion-2 Kekekeke. Can you hear this little berry cackling? I don't like the looks of this.
Devious Honey.gif Devious Honey 201 5 STR+5 Accuracy+2 HP-13 Does this taste... evil to you?
Dill.gif Dill 15 2 MAG+1 MP+7 AGI-1 Herbs and spices can be used to add flavor to your recipes. This one in particular is dill!
Distilled Water.gif Distilled Water 49 2 MP+7 Water that has been distilled to its purest form.
Dough.gif Dough 10 3 HP+5 Dough, a deer, a female deer. Wait...
Doughnut.gif Doughnut 12 1 AGI+1 HP+5 DEX-1 Who doesn't love a good doughnut?
Duckie Cake.gif Duckie Cake 230 6 AGI+1 HP+1 WaterRes+2 Agugugu! It's an adorable cake with a rubber duckie on top, complete with frosting fishies!
Earth Cake.gif Earth Cake 112 6 HP+5 DEF+3 RES+1 It's dry... and crunchy... and it's... FILLED WITH LEAVES!?
Earth Coffee.gif Earth Coffee 100 8 AGI+1 DEF+3 A tasteful blend of coffee, mud, leaf, and pebbles!
Earth Tea.gif Earth Tea 150 5 DEF+1 RES+3 Earth tea infuses all of the delightful tastes and aromas of nature into one light blend.
Egg.gif Egg 9 3 DEF+1 I wonder whose egg this is? A seregan's, a lorilo's, a zael's? ...a grum's?
Eggplant.gif Eggplant 21 4 DEF+1 RES+1 It's purple! Purple, purple!
Elbow Macaroni.gif Elbow Macaroni 13 3 DEX+2 HP-3 Eugh, don't go eating dry macaroni! Try cooking it first.
Espresso.gif Espresso 200 9 AGI+3 Evasion+3 HP-5 ZING!
Evil Cake.gif Evil Cake 666 6 MAG+6 Intellect+6 Evasion-6 Bwahahaha.
Evil Doughnut.gif Evil Doughnut 30 2 Intellect+3 HP-5 BWUAHAHAHAH-- *cough* HAHAHAHA!
Evil Tea.gif Evil Tea 150 6 MP+13 HP-7 Blah. It tastes like dirt.
Eyes Cream.gif Eyes Cream 25 5 HP+3 Evasion-1 All the better to see you with, my dear.
Fancy Wedding Cake.gif Fancy Wedding Cake 1,000 7 HP+20 Here comes the bride, all fat and wide!
Festive Muffin.gif Festive Muffin 105 10 HP+10 RES+4 Don't eat the holly actually. That'll kill ya.
Figs.gif Figs 28 4 Evasion+2 Warning: Excessive exposure to figs can lead to "Bok itch".
Firm Tofu.gif Firm Tofu 30 2 DEF+2 They say tofu is the healthy alternative to, well, everything. This type of tofu can be used for chopping up for salads and pasta or used for frying.
Fish Flakes.gif Fish Flakes 5  ?  ??? Ever accidentally inhaled some of this stuff? The worst.
Fishstix.gif Fishstix 15 5 END+1 The kingdom's most beloved snack.
Fish Pellets.gif Fish Pellets 10  ?  ??? How can you attach a pellet to the end of a fishing rod anyway?
Flour.gif Flour 11 1 HP+5 RES+1 This is actually make-up. Apply it all over your body and you can be a ghost! Or a snowman.
Flutter Nuts.gif Flutter Nuts 16 3 AGI+2 Flutter nuts seem to "flutter" down from the trees in which they are then collected and sold. They're quite tasty!
Frankencheese.gif Frankencheese 55 4 HP+7 DEF+1 This horrid freak of nature could only be the work of Bok the mad scientist!
Fraug Leg Pie.gif Fraug Leg Pie 26 3 AGI+1 RES+2 Rrribbit!
Frozen Cake.gif Frozen Cake 112 6 IceRes+5 Is this a cake? Is it ice cream? It doesn't look like an ice cream cake... I am so confused...
Fudge.gif Fudge 85 4 Intellect+2 Magical Accuracy+1 Fffffffff oh god yesssss!
Furry Fruit.gif Furry Fruit 250 5 HP+10 Accuracy-1 Dude, get a haircut. If you can get past all the hair, it's actually quite tasty.
Gamma Pop.gif Gamma Pop 2500 30 MAG+7 MP+10 This magical ice pop will change your character's pigment.
Gardenia Tea.gif Gardenia Tea 25 4 HP+3 DEF+2 This fragrant tea is a favorite of Petaline's. She has often been found sipping her special garden blend in her greenhouse.
Ghost Popsicle.gif Ghost Popsicle 19  ? Experience point bonus+5% Eva+1 HP-1 The eyes are made of gumballs. How cute!
Ghost Shortbread Cookie.gif Ghost Shortbread Cookie 29  ? Experience point bonus+5% Eva+2 HP-1 What do ghosts wear when it rains? Boo-ts and ghoul-ashes. AHAHAHAHA... HA... ha. Anybody?
Ginger.gif Ginger 13 4 HP+5 RES+1 No need to fear, ginger is here! Fighting against tummy aches everywhere.
Gingerbread House.gif Gingerbread House 1500 5 AGI+4 RES+2 Boris has prepared this gingerbread house already for your purchasing pleasure, so you're free of all the sticky work!
Gingerbread Squall.gif Gingerbread Squall 21 2 AGI+1 MAG+1 Whether it's for the the holidays or just as a treat, this gingerbread squall cookie is a snack every character loves!
Glass of Beet Juice.gif Glass of Beet Juice 10 3 END+1 HP+3 There's nothing like a glass of... hey, wait! Is this... BEET JUICE!? Gross.
Glowe Fruit.gif Glowe Fruit 45 4 MAG+1 Intellect+1 MP+5 A fruit that has grown to resemble a glowe! It has a zesty flavor.
Golden Apple.gif Golden Apple 60 3 STR+1 Have you ever heard the story of the seregan that laid the golden egg? Well, this isn't a golden egg. It's not even real gold. Sorry Charlie.
Gourmet Pickle.gif Gourmet Pickle 250 6 Intellect+2 DEF+2 Ohhh, someone's fancy.
Grandma's Cookies.gif Grandma's Cookies 179 4 RES+5 She didn't bake them... She just left them for you in her will... They uh... Have a bit of penicillin on them... You said you weren't feeling well, right?
Grapeberries.gif Grapeberries 50 5 STR+1 MAG+2 A strange cross between a grape and strawberry.
Grapes.gif Grapes 14 3 Intellect+2 Squish, squash! Make some wine!
Green Olives.gif Green Olives 20 3 STR+1 END+1 These aren't stuffed with your regular pimento; it's actually a strip of raw Bibby.
Green Tea.gif Green Tea 30 4 MAG+1 RES+2 Rumored to have come from a kingdom to the east, green tea helps rid your character's body of dangerous toxins.
Ground Beef.gif Ground Beef 23 4 STR+2 AGI+1 HP-3 You can make tacos or burgers or something... But really, you should make SLOPPY JOE'S.
Halloween Cake.gif Halloween Cake 200 10 DEX+2 AGI+4 HP+10 Made with the hearts of children who never quite behaved...
Halloween Gummies.gif Halloween Gummies 83 6 Evasion+3 Gummy candy molded into fun Halloween shapes! Here we have ghosts, bats and Frankensteins. I wonder what the others could be?
Halloween Swirlypop.gif Halloween Swirlypop 14 3 HP+3 A sugary sweet swirly lollipop in festive Halloween colors!
Ham.gif Ham 39 4 END+2 DEF+1 At least it isn't canned.
Holiday Candy Mequar.gif Holiday Candy Mequar 30 4 AGI+1 Evasion+3 This cute and minty mequar is a perfect holiday gift for your little one.
Holiday Candy Sabre.gif Holiday Candy Sabre 30 4 STR+1 DEF+3 This cute and minty sabre is a perfect holiday gift for your little one.
Holiday Tea.gif Holiday Tea 60 6 AGI+2 Intellect+2 Stir your tea with a candy cane for a bit of a minty kick!
Holy Cake.gif Holy Cake 777 6 MP+7 DEF+7 RES+7 Doesn't it make you want to sing?
Holy Tea.gif Holy Tea 150 6 MAG+1 HP+5 RES+3 You can almost hear the angels singing...
Hot Cocoa.gif Hot Cocoa 45 5 END+1 RES+1 What's better during a snowstorm than a nice cup of hot cocoa?
Hot Dog Buns.gif Hot Dog Buns 120 3 END+1 HP+7 What did the boy Ferro say to the girl Ferro?
Hot Dogs.gif Hot Dogs 11 2 STR+1 HP+5 AGI-1 Your daily recommended dosage of spare animal parts.
Invisible Apple.gif Invisible Apple 100 6 Accuracy+2 Evasion+2 WHERE DID IT GO?
Invisible Tea.gif Invisible Tea 65 3 Accuracy+1 Evasion+3 Houdini's favorite flavor.
Jack-O'-Lantern Candies.gif Jack-O'-Lantern Candies 100 2 DEX+1 HP-2 Sweet pumpkin-shaped candies wrapped in pumpkin marked foil. And guess what? They're pumpkin flavored!
Jalapeno.gif Jalapeno 12 4 HP-1 FireRes+2 These are so stinkin' hot!
Jello Coffee.gif Jello Coffee 90 6 AGI+3 HP+5 DEX-1 This might be a little bit awkward to drink...
Jelly Doughnut.gif Jelly Doughnut 20 2 END+2 MP+5 Evasion-1 This doughnut has jelly in it. Hooray!
Jellyfish Jello.gif Jellyfish Jello 235 7 VoltageRes+5 So delici-ZZZT!
Kangur Fruit.gif Kangur Fruit 309 8 DEX+1 AGI+4 MAG-1 A fruit that has grown to resemble a Kangur! Wow, you're eating a Kangur's head. Sicko.
Ken Cake.gif Ken Cake 2900 9 Intellect+3 HP+10 Who is this Ken fellow anyway?
Ketchup Ice Cream.gif Ketchup Ice Cream 14 3 DEF+1 HP-5 Yech... not one of Boris' better ideas...
King Bolete Mushroom.gif King Bolete Mushroom 25 4 STR+2 DEF+1 Sit up straight! Mind your manners! You're in the presence of royalty!
Kiwi.gif Kiwi 15 1 DEX+1 MAG+1 HP-2 Kiwis are delicious tropical fruit that are loved by characters and humans alike.
Kozen Ribs.gif Kozen Ribs 45 6 STR+2 DEX+1 I want my Kozen back Kozen back Kozen back. Well too bad because it's dead.
Leg of Seregan.gif Leg of Seregan 5000 15 AGI+3 MAG+5 MP+10 One of the kingdom's oldest traditions is to eat the leg of one of our rarest and most majestic inhabitants for the holidays. You may think it's wrong, but my taste buds would have to disagree with you.
Lemon.gif Lemon 10 1 MAG+1 Evasion+1 Lemons are very sour, so don't try to eat them in one bite!
Lemon Coffee.gif Lemon Coffee 55 5 Evasion+5 HP-7 They say a little lemon in your coffee is good, but this is overkill!
Lemon Frosted Doughnut.gif Lemon Frosted Doughnut 50 2 MP+5 Magical Accuracy+2 AGI-1 Pucker up!
Lemon Glowe Tart.gif Lemon Glowe Tart 365 13 MAG+1 MP+10 Evasion+1 This lemon glowe tart is bitter sweet.
Lemon Ice Cream.gif Lemon Ice Cream 14 3 AGI+1 RES+1 HP-3 Tart and sweet. A perfect combination!
Lemon Sugar Stix.gif Lemon Sugar Stix 10 1 AGI+1 END-1 Sugar stix are simply paper tubes filled with sugar, and lots of it. This one is lemon flavored.
Lettuce.gif Lettuce 7 1 END+1 Intellect+1 It's lettuce! Yes, yes it is.
Lime.gif Lime 10 2 MAG+1 Magical Accuracy+1 Lime! It's like a green lemon except... well, it's not a lemon, of course.
Lime Ice Cream.gif Lime Ice Cream 14 3 DEX+1 RES+1 HP-3 Is lime ice cream better than lemon ice cream? It kind of looks like slime ice cream...
Lime Lollipop.gif Lime Lollipop 14 2 HP+3 Magical Accuracy+1 Pucker down!
Lobster.gif Lobster 35 6 END+1 DEF+2 There's nothing better than a meal that stares at you while you eat it.
Lovey Dovey Fruit.gif Lovey Dovey Fruit 249 5 END+1 HP+7 DEF+1 *giggle* It's so lovey dovey!
Lovey Dovey Ice Cream.gif Lovey Dovey Ice Cream 20 4 RES+2 HP-3 "Lovey Dovey" ice cream has bits of the lovey dovey fruit in it. Mmm!
Lovey Dovey Marshmallow Squares.gif Lovey Dovey Marshmallow Squares 68 2 HP+5 DEF+1 RES+1 Marshmallow squares decorated in the kingdom's trademark "Lovey Dovey" fashion.
Lovey Dovey Tea.gif Lovey Dovey Tea 70 4 DEF+2 RES+2 It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, doesn't it?
Lucan Cookie.gif Lucan Cookie 200 10 STR+2 MAG+2 A ginger cookie in the shape of a lucan, one of the symbols of the holiday season in the Kingdom.
Lucky Cupcake.gif Lucky Cupcake 105 10 MAG+3 INT+3 Evasion+3 A sweet vanilla cupcake made for St. Patrick's Day.
Macabre Marshmallow Squares.gif Macabre Marshmallow Squares 68 3 DEF+2 RES+2 HP-3 Eesh. These are not so cute.
Macabre Tea.gif Macabre Tea 50 3 HP+5 RES+2 It looks like it could be used for some kind of ritual.
Magma Pop.gif Magma Pop 56 7 FireRes+5 Carbonated lava. Try chugging this, hot shot!
Mango.gif Mango 19 3 STR+1 END+1 Go Man!
Marshmallow Pumpkin.gif Marshmallow Pumpkin 21 2 Evasion+1 MP-2 Who wants to make some Halloween s'mores?
Marshmallow Spikes.gif Marshmallow Spikes 30 3 END+1 MAG+1 These yummy marshmallow Spikes are covered in a tasty sugar coating.
Mequar Fruit.gif Mequar Fruit 304 8 AGI+1 MAG+4 DEX-1 A fruit that has grown to resemble a Mequar! It's quite tart.
Mierra Popsicle.gif Mierra Popsicle 51 3 STR+1 MAG+1 A mint-flavored popsicle in the shape of a Mierra.
Milk.gif Milk 10 2 HP+5 DEF+1 Help your character build strong bones.
Mighty Muffin.gif Mighty Muffin 450 12 STR+5 It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... just a muffin, so stop gawking and eat it.
Mint.gif Mint Leaves 7 2 HP+5 Maybe you should chew on these. Your breath reeks!
Mobi Nuts.gif Mobi Nuts 16 3 DEF+2 These nuts were named for their resemblance to the Mobius strip.
Molasses Cookies.gif Molasses Cookies 200 11 HP+5 MP+15 The unmistakable flavors of molasses, ginger, and cinnamon. Sprinkle a little sugar on top and you have the perfect treat.
Moon Fruit.gif Moon Fruit 500 7 MP+10 Magical Accuracy+2 It's moon fruit! Does it come from the moon?
Mud Soup.gif Mud Soup 5 4 EarthRes+5 Soup made by a five-year old in their own personal kitchen - the backyard!
Mystery Fruit.gif Mystery Fruit 34 5 STR+1 END+1 AGI+1 MAG+1 Every bite tastes like something different!
Nut Bagel.gif Nut Bagel 20 2 AGI+1 HP+5 This bagel has been encrusted with nuts. Not sure how this is gonna taste...
Octopus.gif Octopus 45 6 Accuracy+2 Magical Accuracy+2 There's nothing better than food that stares at you.
Onion.gif Onion 13 3 RES+2 Evasion-1 *sniffle* *sob*
Orange.gif Orange 10 2 MP+4 These bright oranges have a fresh, citrus flavor.
Orange Honey.gif Orange Honey 78 2 MAG+1 MP+7 This jar of honey has been flavored with oranges for an extra citrusy flavor!
Oyster.gif Oyster 50 6 MP+5 DEF+2 Whoa! You found a pearl! Too bad they're not worth anything in this kingdom.
Party Punch.gif Party Punch 552 8 AGI+5 HP-7 A can of punch that's sure to liven up any party. What's in this stuff anyway?
Parsley.gif Parsley 15 2 MAG+1 MP+7 AGI-1 Herbs and spices can be used to add flavor to your recipes. This one in particular is parsley!
Peach.gif Peach 14 2 DEX+1 MP+5 Millions of peaches, peaches for me... Millions of peaches, peaches for free... except that this is a single peach you have to pay for.
Peanuts.gif Peanuts 26 3 DEF+1 Take me out to the ball game...
Pear.gif Pear 16 3 HP+5 RES+1 Can you collect a pair of pears?
Pearch.gif Pearch 50 5 HP+5 MP+3 RES+1 A strange cross between a pear and a peach.
Peas.gif Peas 22 2 HP+7 Can I have some more, peas?
Pepper Berry.gif Pepper Berry 72 4 STR+1 Accuracy+2 This odd fruit can be grinded into a sand that functions as both pepper and salt. Yummy.
Peppermint Milkshake.gif Peppermint Milkshake 200 10 HP+15 MP+10 A milkshake in winter? Well, why not! It's festive!
Peppermint Tea.gif Peppermint Tea 100 8 HP+10 MP+15 An old favorite in the realm of tea loving enthusiasts. Petaline's brew has been dashingly dressed up for the holidays.
Pickle.gif Pickle 24 2 Intellect+2 RES+1 There are some people who are terrified of these things.
Pineapple.gif Pineapple 17 3 MP+7 Mmm, a pineapple! Savor this fruit, as it is hard to come by.
Pinga Roast.gif Pinga Roast 1500 18 STR+4 HP+5 Did you know that the tail is the most tender part of a pinga?
Pistachios.gif Pistachios 29 2 END+1 DEF+1 If they're yellow, that makes them a Pisstachio.
Pizza Yo-Yo.gif Pizza Yo-Yo 40 3 STR+1 AGI+2 What?
Potato.gif Potato 21 2 HP+10 AGI-1 You say poe-tay-toe, I say poe-tah-toe.
Pretzel.gif Pretzel 19 1 HP+3 Accuracy+2 Contrary to popular belief, this pretzel does not have any salt.
Primrose Tea.gif Primrose Tea 180 5 END+3 AGI-2 This herbal tea is so relaxing that it will knock you out faster than a bottle of Chelephant Juice.
Pumpkin Hot Cocoa.gif Pumpkin Hot Cocoa 100  ? Experience point bonus+5% HP+2 AGI+1 It's not pumpkin flavored at all. Petaline included some pumpkin marshmallows and thinks she can jack up the price for that. And here I thought she was generous!
Pumpkin Spice Tea.gif Pumpkin Spice Tea 100 3 MAG+3 RES+1 Petaline's original autumn blend.
Pure Honey.gif Pure Honey 31 2 RES+2 Magical Accuracy+1 Pure honey is a perfect remedy for a sore throat, or so they say.
Radioactive Tea.gif Radioactive Tea 30 3 STR+2 AGI+1 HP-5 Do you really want to drink this?
Raisins.gif Raisins 24 4 END+1 DEF+1 Those wrinkles remind me of The Old Man's fingers...
Raspberries.gif Raspberries 14 4 STR+1 *pbtpbtpbtpbt*
Raspberry Jam Biscuit.gif Raspberry Jam Biscuit 19 3 STR+1 HP+3 A flaky, buttery cookie filled with raspberry jam.
Red Jello.gif Red Jello 34 3 AGI+2 *waggle*
Red Spiked Fruit.gif Red Spiked Fruit 20 2 HP+9 Be careful when eating this fruit. It's covered in spikes! This one appears to be red.
Reject Chelephant Cupcake.gif Reject Chelephant Cupcake 100 10 MAG+5 Intellect+3 Magical Accuracy+2 MP+10 Evasion-3 This cupcake looks mighty delicious and was baked in celebration of Elephant's birthday!
Rib Roast.gif Rib Roast 55 9 STR+1 END+1 A favorite of Finneous'. Often cooked standing up.
Rice.gif Rice 10 2 END+1 I hear that feeding rice to a Seregan will make them explode.
Roast Beef.gif Roast Beef 14 3 END+1 Now where did I put my special sauce?
Rotten Egg.gif Rotten Egg 9 3 HP-3 After you crack open the rotten egg, there is nothing inside beyond a terrible, hair burning stink. Yuck!
Salmon.gif Salmon 25 6 AGI+2 Salmon swim hundreds of miles upstream to reproduce. This one didn't make it.
Sawdust Soup.gif Sawdust Soup 12 1 STR+1 DEF+1 HP-3 I guess this is some kind of punishment, huh?
Sea Turtle Cookie.gif Sea Turtle Cookie 22 3 AGI+1 MAG+1 After looking through a book of mythical creatures, Boris decided to model this cookie after a mysterious animal called the "sea turtle".
Seaweed Sheets.gif Seaweed Sheets 150 4 MAG+2 HP+3 MP+7 Also known as 'nori'. An essential ingredient for most types of sushi.
Sheepy Cookies.gif Sheepy Cookies 69 3 Evasion+2 *squeal!*
Sheepy Cupcake.gif Sheepy Cupcake 30 3 Evasion+1 A chocolate cupcake topped with creamy frosting and cute sheep cookies!
Shortbread Cookies.gif Shortbread Cookies 20 5 STR+1 HP+5 HEY SHAWTY
Shrimp.gif Shrimp 16 5 HP+5 DEF+1 These tasty crustaceans have given their lives for your consumption.
Silken Tofu.gif Silken Tofu 30 2 AGI+2 They say tofu is the healthy alternative to, well, everything. This type of tofu is creamy and can be used for things like shakes or dips. Can you believe it?
Sirloin.gif Sirloin 55 8 STR+2 DEF+1 A decadent cut of steak taken from the back end of a Kozen.
Slime Milkshake.gif Slime Milkshake 19 4 AGI+1 Evasion+1 Somebody doesn't like you very much.
Snails.gif Snails 45 5 END+2 HP+5 Ooey, gooey snails fresh from the garden.
Snobal Popsicle.gif Snobal Popsicle 51 3 DEX+1 MAG+1 A berry flavored popsicle in shape of a Snobal.
Snowman Tea.gif Snowman Tea 100 8 DEF+2 RES+2 IceRes+2 AHH! HELP ME! I'M MELTING! MY HEAD IS BURNING! Is it on fire? HELP! Oh, heh. Nothing to worry about here. I'm not a real snowman, I'm just a mug!
Spaghetti.gif Spaghetti 198 10 HP+13 Uh oh spaghettio!
Sponge Cake.gif Sponge Cake 15 8 RES+1 What can be said of sponge cake? True to its name, its airy texture allows it to take in other flavors easily. What a leech.
Springtime Marshmallow Squares.gif Springtime Marhsmallow Squares 68 2 MAG+2 HP+5 You can have spring all year long!
Squall Fin.gif Squall Fin 70 10 STR+2 DEX+1 This fin has been sliced off the back of a Squall's head. Don't tell The Old Man!
Squash.gif Squash 9 2 MP+3 *SQUASH*
Squid.gif Squid 51 6 Accuracy+2 Evasion+1 'Nothing says I love you like a handful of tentacles.
Star Fruit.gif Star Fruit 469 8 MAG+4 MP+7 If you travel the forests late a night, you can see these incredible fruits twinkling in the trees. They turn a darker color and become very difficult to find during the day.
Steak.gif Steak 40 5 STR+3 A big slab of red meat for your steroid-enhanced character.
Strawberry.gif Strawberry 13 1 DEX+1 HP+3 These strawberries taste fresh. They must have been picked today!
Strawberry Cupcake.gif Strawberry Cupcake 30 3 DEX+2 HP+3 No, she is not anyone's little sister...
Strawberry Frosted Doughnut.gif Strawberry Frosted Doughnut 20 2 MAG+1 DEX+1 AGI-1 A yummy, fattening doughnut with strawberry flavored frosting!
Strawberry Glowe Tart.gif Strawberry Glowe Tart 365 13 DEX+1 MAG+1 MP+10 This strawberry glowe tart is overflowing with the power of sweetness.
Strawberry Ice Cream.gif Strawberry Ice Cream 14 3 DEX+2 HP-3 Do they use real strawberries in strawberry ice cream? No. Probably not.
Strawberry Shortcake.gif Strawberry Shortcake 31 4 AGI+2 HP+3 This little cake is literally dripping with stawberry sauce and whipcream! It comes with fresh strawberries as well.
Sugar.gif Sugar 20 1 Evasion+3 WARNING: Don't let your characters get a hold of this bag.
Sunny Fruit.gif Sunny Fruit 123 4 HP+7 MP+7 The sunny fruit is a bit warm to the touch. During the day they shine brilliantly, but tend to fade at night.
Sweet Potato.gif Sweet Potato 31 2 END+1 DEX+1 Why is this potato sweet!? If I wanted candy, I'd go see Boris!
Tapioca.gif Tapioca 50 2 HP+7 Lick my tapioca balls. Tongue.gif
Target Fruit.gif Target Fruit 78 4 DEX+1 Accuracy+3 This fruit has a developed a target looking symbol on it. Characters like to practice their archery on this fruit before eating it.
Tea Biscuits.gif Tea Biscuits 9 1 END+1 Tasty little cookies that go great with tea of all flavors!
Tea with Honey.gif Tea with Honey 55 3 RES+2 MP+5 I hear this is some kind of a remedy for a sore throat. That's what my senile grandmother said anyway.
Thyme.gif Thyme 15 2 STR+1 HP+7 END-1 Herbs and spices can be used to add flavor to your recipes. This one in particular is thyme!
Toffee Sauce.gif Toffee Sauce 20 5 MAG+2 DEX-1 Toffee sauce is terribly sweet, and also very sticky! There's no hope for your fingers now.
Tofurkey.gif Tofurkey 1000 20 MAG+2 MP+15 AGI-1 Not into dead animals? That's cool. Have some tofurkey instead!
Tomato.gif Tomato 16 1 AGI+1 HP+5 A bright red, delicious vegetable. Or is it a fruit? Hmmm...
Tornado Fruit.gif Tornado Fruit 21 4 AGI+2 I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.
Triberries.gif Triberries 87 5 STR+2 Found in the mountains, these blue fruit are considered a delicacy amongst many, however, not many people are willing to climb through frigid snow to gather them.
Triberry Honey.gif Triberry Honey 109 2 STR+3 HP+5 Triberry honey is hard to come by, seeing as triberries are quite rare themselves. You must be very lucky to have this!
Tropical Tea.gif Tropical Tea 25 4 AGI+1 MAG+1 Rich with fruity and exotic flavors, tropical tea is one of the kingdom's favorite summertime beverages.
Tuna.gif Tuna 25 6 DEX+1 AGI+1 You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish.
Turkey.gif Turkey 1000 10 STR+2 HP+15 AGI-1 I still don't know what a turkey is.
Vanilla Cake.gif Vanilla Cake 28 3 HP+8 If cake is your downfall, here is your achromatic demise.
Vanilla Extract.gif Vanilla Extract 100 1 MAG+2 RES+1 This smells delicious, but does it taste as good as it smells? Really.gif
Vanilla Frosted Doughnut.gif Vanilla Frosted Doughnut 25 2 MAG+2 Evasion-1 A yummy doughnut covered in vanilla frosting.
Vanilla Ice Cream.gif Vanilla Ice Cream 14 3 MAG+1 RES+1 HP-3 It may be the simplest, but vanilla ice creams remains the most popular of all ice cream flavors.
Volcano Cake.gif Volcano Cake 112 6 STR+3 HP-5 Volcano cake is simply vanilla cake with cinnamon frosting. And by cinnamon I mean molten lava.
Voltage Cake.gif Voltage Cake 112 6 DEF+3 HP-5 Ouch! I just broke my tooth trying to eat this.
Voltage Tea.gif Voltage Tea 150 5 AGI+2 RES+2 Shocking, isn't it?
Walnuts.gif Walnuts 16 3 DEF+1 Did you know that walnut shells can be used as filler in dynamite?
Warm Potato.gif Warm Potato 100 3 HP+15 AGI-3 If you smothered this potato with butter it would still melt. ...eventually.
Water Berry.gif Water Berry 31 4 MP+7 *squish squish*
Watermelon.gif Watermelon 23 2 MAG+1 HP+5 Buy one of these, pour some glasses of lemonade and you have just created the perfect summer meal for your pets.
Watermelon on a Vine.gif Watermelon on a Vine 26 6 MAG+2 HP+3 For those who prefer the more organic things in life - this watermelon is right off the vine!
Wedding Cake.gif Wedding Cake 65 5 HP+10 Compared to the fancier wedding cake, this is quite pathetic.
Wheat.gif Wheat 8 2 DEX+1 Wheat. What can you say about wheat?
White Tea.gif White Tea 75 5 RES+3 MP+3 An alternative to green tea that tastes less like grass and is still healthy!
Whole Wheat Bread.gif Whole Wheat Bread 19 4 HP+7 Magical Accuracy+1 It's healthy! Hooray!
Wind Cake.gif Wind Cake 112 6 AGI+3 Evasion+1 It's almost too pretty to eat! Almost.
Worm.gif Worm 5  ? HP-1 Experience point bonus+5% Nobody likes me, everybody hates me. Guess I'll eat some worms!
Wormy Cane.gif Wormy Cane 20 3 HP+5 Salty and minty and sweet and earthy and disgusting.
Wynd Fruit.gif Wynd Fruit 580 8 WindRes+5 The wynd fruit is one of most beautiful occurances in nature. Unfortunately, it doesn't taste all too good.
Yellow Marshmallow Spikes.gif Yellow Marshmallow Spikes 30 3 END+1 MAG+1 These marshmallow spikes pay homage to a similar looking mythological beast.
Yogurt.gif Yogurt 24 3 RES+2 Mmm, bacterial fermented milk.
Zael Wings.gif Zael Wings 45 8 STR+1 MAG+1 Evasion+1 Zael wings can be prepared in a variety of ways; fried, boiled, oven roasted, barbecued, you name it! Finneous claims that he eats his raw, but I'm not sure if I believe that.
ZAM Beef.gif ZAM Beef 10 2 Accuracy+1 What's this? Why it's some processed cow parts with the consistency of cat food all packaged tightly in a can.
ZAM Chicken.gif ZAM Chicken 10 1 Magical Accuracy+1 I'll tell you one thing, the chicken inside looks nothing like the picture on the front. Acually, you may not want to open this.
Zoom! Bee Lollipop.gif Zoom! Bee Lollipop 14 2 Evasion+1 You'd think this would be honey flavored, but it's not. It tasted like a cough drop!
Zoom! Bone Lollipop.gif Zoom! Bone Lollipop 14 2 END+1 This bone-shaped lollipop is a perfect treat for your character's trick-or-treat bag!
Zoom! Club Lollipop.gif Zoom! Club Lollipop 14 2 STR+1 Mystery flavor! Part of the suit set.
Zoom! Crab Lollipop.gif Zoom! Crab Lollipop 14 2 Evasion+1 Be careful, it bites back.
Zoom! Diamond Lollipop.gif Zoom! Diamond Lollipop 14 2 Accuracy+1 Mystery flavor! Part of the suit set.
Zoom! Grape Jelly.gif Zoom! Grape Jelly 21 4 MAG+2 There's always room for jelly!
Zoom! Heart Lollipop.gif Zoom! Heart Lollipop 14 2 Magical Accuracy+1 Mystery flavor! Part of the suit set.
Zoom! Holly Lollipop.gif Zoom! Holly Lollipop 14 2 RES+1 Don't worry, this isn't poisonous. It's strawberry flavored!
Zoom! Leaf Lollipop.gif Zoom! Leaf Lollipop 14 2 Intellect+1 Ewww. Is this a joke? Let's hope it's not leaf flavored too!
Zoom! Octopus Lollipop.gif Zoom! Octopus Lollipop 14 2 DEX+1 This grape flavored lollipop is shaped like an octopus! Sorry, you can't use this for sushi. Sad.png
Zoom! Peanut Butter.gif Zoom! Peanut Butter 15 8 STR+2 END+1 AGI-1 Choosy moms choose... Zoom?
Zoom! Spade Lollipop.gif Zoom! Spade Lollipop 14 2 END+1 Mystery flavor! Part of the suit set.
Zoom! Star Lollipop.gif Zoom! Star Lollipop 14 2 MAG+1 If I bonk you over the head with this, you'll be seeing even more stars!
Zoom! Strawberry Jelly.gif Zoom! Strawberry Jelly 21 4 END+2 There's always room for (strawberry) jelly!
Zucchini.gif Zucchini 21 3 STR+2 It looks like a pickle! But it's not... aww...

Cooking Items

Image Item Name Cooking Level XP Bonuses Description
Ace of Ace.gif Ace of Ace 50  ?? STR+5 DEF+5 END+5 AGI+5 MAG+5 MAcc+5 HP+5 MP+5 [Resist Dark] +7 Eva-8 Experience point bonus+5% The fabled Ace of Ace. It was this very recipe that put Giuseppe on the map and led him down the path to cooking glory, having baked the perfect cake to appease the fussy young Ace. Giuseppe only shares this recipe with his most trusted protégés. Managing to bake it is quite a feat--the only thing harder than that is eating it.
Ants on a Log.gif Ants on a Log 32 10 MAG+2 Intellect+3 AGI-1 Evasion-1 Ants on a log, ants on a log, looking like a fool with your ants on a log.
Apple Pie.gif Apple Pie 19 2 Intellect+1 Magical Accuracy+2 HP-3 A freshly baked apple pie, just the way mom used to make it!
Autumn Salad.gif Autumn Salad 15 3 STR+3 Evasion-1 It looks like someone went outside and dumped a bunch of dead leaves into your bowl. You better be grateful!
Baked Felynx Tail.gif Baked Felynx Tail 46  ?? DEF+3 AGI+6 HP+10 STR+5 [Resist Water] -5 Experience point bonus+5% ...You left the fur on it...?
Baked Potato.gif Baked Potato 18 9 STR+3 HP+10 AGI-1 One of the simplest recipes in the book. If you can't cook this then... you're hopeless.
Beef and Vegetable Dinner.gif Beef and Vegetable Dinner 22 3 HP+10 MP+10 A full meal you can heat up in the microwave! This one comes with beef and string beans.
Blueberry Ombre Cake.gif Blueberry Ombre Cake 22  ?? MAG+4 MAcc+1 Experience point bonus+5% A delectable blueberry flavored cake displaying a gradient of colors.
Blue Raspberry Sugar Stix.gif Blue Raspberry Sugar Stix 4 1 STR+1 END-1 Sugar stix are simply paper tubes filled with sugar, and lots of it. This one is blue raspberry flavored.
Boiled Crab.gif Boiled Crab 20 15 STR+3 DEX+1 MAG+3 Intellect+1 Accuracy+2 Magical Accuracy+2 HP+5 MP+5 A delectable crab meal fit for royalty. The recipe for this dish was a gift from Tinker.
Breakfast Bag.gif Breakfast Bag 11 5 STR+1 END+2 A haversack of early morning nutritional supplements!
Broccoli Soup.gif Broccoli Soup 14 10 STR+2 HP+10 A bowl of creamy broccoli soup.
Carrot Cake.gif Carrot Cake 24 35 END+2 DEX+1 Accuracy+5 HP+10 Yum!! The frosting carrot on top specifies exactly what this cake is: a carrot cake!
Cheese Croissant.gif Cheese Croissant 4 1 AGI+1 Evasion+2 DEF-1 A buttery, flaky croissant... with cheese!
Cheese Pizza.gif Cheese Pizza 31 10 END+3 Accuracy+2 Evasion-2 Plain and simple!
Cheese Soup.gif Cheese Soup 11 3 MAG+1 Magical Accuracy+3 Evasion-1 It's not really soup as much as it is a bowl of melted cheese. Dip some bread in it and call it fondue!
Cherry Sugar Stix.gif Cherry Sugar Stix 3 1 MAG+1 END-1 Sugar stix are simply paper tubes filled with sugar, and lots of it. This one is cherry flavored.
Chicken and Corn Dinner.gif Chicken and Corn Dinner 22 3 STR+3 AGI+2 RES+3 A full meal you can heat up in the microwave! This one comes with chicken, corn, and potatoes.
Chicken Sandwich.gif Chicken Sandwich 34 15 HP+10 DEF+3 RES+3 A tasty chicken sandwich complete with lettuce, tomato and, of course, chicken.
Chicken Noodle Soup.gif Chicken Noodle Soup 14  ?? STR+2 END+2 DEF-1 Experience point bonus+5% Feeling under the weather? Well here ya go. No medicine. No doctor's visit. Chicken noodle soup. That's it. Don't bother asking for any more help, okay! (Not to be confused with Chicken Soup which according to grandmas everywhere holds the same medicinal properties.)
Chicken Soup.gif Chicken Soup 13 9 END+1 MAG+1 RES+3 Is your character feeling sick? Give them some chicken soup to help them feel better!
Chocolate Cake.gif Chocolate Cake 17 2 HP+10 MP+10 AGI-1 Why are you eating so much chocolate cake? Are you pregnant?
Chocolate Chip Caramel Apple.gif Chocolate Chip Caramel Apple 10 25 AGI+2 MAG+4 DEX-2 So sticky, so delicious.
Chocolate Milkshake.gif Chocolate Milkshake 8 2 HP+7 Accuracy+2 Everyone loves a good chocolate milkshake!
Chocolate Pinga Figurine.gif Chocolate Pinga Figurine 33 25 DEX+2 HP+15 An edible piece for your Pinga collection. Don't let it melt!
Cinnamon Buns.gif Cinnamon Buns 27  ?? AGI+3 Eva+2 HP-3 Experience point bonus+5% The smell that always tempts you when you're at the mall. Dedicated to a very special Sheep.
Club Sandwich.gif Club Sandwich 13 9 STR+2 HP+5 DEF+1 No, it's not something cavemen eat. That would hurt.
Deluxe Sushi Platter.gif Deluxe Sushi Platter 34 50 END+3 HP+10 DEF+5 RES+5 You'll be eating well tonight!
Doughnut Cake.gif Doughnut Cake 27 3 HP+10 AGI-2 Not really a cake so much as several doughnuts stacked on top of each other.
Drakkles Cupcake.gif Drakkles Cupcake 30 45 DEX+7 HP+15 Evasion-2 It tastes like dirt, fear, and shame.
Evil Bread.gif Evil Bread 30 5 MAG+5 Intellect+1 MP+5 HP-13 Catch a slice before it flies away! Bwahahaha!
Escargot Stuffed Shek Shell.gif Escargot Stuffed Shek Shell 42 85 STR+3 END+5 HP+15 DEF+5 Evasion-2 From one shell to another, it's still gross either way. This dish is a favorite of King lucas!
Fei Bread.gif Fei Bread 10 8 MP+20 Not only can you make soup from fei, but you can also bake a warm, delicious loaf of bread from them! can a fei be turned into bread? Hmm...
Fei Burgers with Tahini Sauce.gif Fei Burgers with Tahini Sauce 46  ?? STR+6 END+3 MAG+8 [Resist Light] -5 Experience point bonus+5% The ever versatile fei has been once again cooked into an incredible dish. What we have here today are fine fei burgers topped with tahini sauce, with baked fei wings in place of lettuce. Morbid, but delicious.
Fish and Chips.gif Fish and Chips 19  ?? STR+5 DEF+2 [Resist Water] +1 AGI-1 Experience point bonus+5% An old favorite. Acitius' fish and chips recipe uses the kingdom's native silverfish in place of cod.
Fried Zael Wings.gif Fried Zael Wings 37 30 STR+1 END+4 AGI+3 RES-2 Crispy, crunchy zael wings! You may feel bad for eating your neighbor but trust me, the feeling passes in time.
Fudge Brownies.gif Fudge Brownies 37 15 Intellect+3 RES+2 AGI-1 Rich, chocolatey goodness!
Galaxy Cake.gif Galaxy Cake 40 40 END+4 AGI+3 MAG+5 MP+10 It's out of this world! Wait, have I used that joke before?
Glass of Apple Juice.gif Glass of Apple Juice 2 1 HP+5 Younger characters especially love a cold glass of apple juice.
Giuseppe's Edible Hat.gif Giuseppe's Edible Hat 48  ?? AGI+5 STR+6 DEF+2 MP+8 Eva+5 HP-4 END-1 Experience point bonus+5% Only a well-learned chef can learn the secret of Giuseppe's famous hat--the secret being that you can eat it, of course. What did you think it was?
Glass of Lemonade.gif Glass of Lemonade 3 1 MAG+2 MP+5 DEX-1 There's nothing like a glass of lemonade on a warm summer's day. Ahhh...
Glass of Orange Juice.gif Glass of Orange Juice 1 1 MP+5 Freshly squeezed orange juice. What could be better?
Glass of Water.gif Glass of Water 23 12 HP+10 MP+10 Just when you thought there was enough water in the kingdom already...
Grilled Hot Dog with Pinga Chutney.gif Grilled Hot Dog with Pinga Chutney  ?? 10 STR+6 DEX+4 HP+10 Accuracy+3 Hot dog? Hot... ferro? Hot ferro with pinga chutney? You monster.
Grum Popsicle.gif Grum Popsicle 10 3 DEX+3 A green apple flavored popsicle in shape of a Grum.
Gum on a Stick.gif Gum on a Stick 25 10 HP+10 AGI-3 It's so sticky and moist... And it kind of smells like Grandma...
Jelly Hot Dog.gif Jelly Hot Dog 16 10 RES+3 HP-5 This jelly hot dog might possibly be the worst hot dog you have ever tasted...
King's Tea.gif King's Tea 49  ?? DEF+5 STR+6 MAcc+3 MP+5 Eva+5 [Resist Ice] +5 AGI-5 Experience point bonus+5% Why did you steal King lucas' tea? He was saving that to dump on your head later.
Kozen Curry.gif Kozen Curry 43 85 RES+3 HP-5 Kozen Curry is the perfect blend of flavor and spice. And by perfect blend I mean, the only thing you'll taste is the spicyness as it burns your tongue. This dish is a favorite of the froverlord <a href="/wiki/ORenyRen" title="ORenyRen">ORenyRen.
Lemon Lollipop.gif Lemon Lollipop 25 2 HP+3 Evasion+1 Pucker up!
Lemon Pepper Zael Wings.gif Lemon Pepper Zael Wings 39 35 AGI+1 MP+10 Evasion+4 END-2 Tangy zael wings with a bit of a zing!
Lime Sugar Stix.gif Lime Sugar Stix 1 1 DEX+1 END-1 Sugar stix are simply paper tubes filled with sugar, and lots of it. This one is lime flavored.
Lobster Mac & Cheese.gif Lobster Mac & Cheese 43 85 STR+5 AGI+7 MP+7 DEF+3 A familiar favorite mixed with the succulent taste of lobster fresh from the sea. Mm-mm-mmmm!
Mariner Soup.gif Mariner Soup 31 20 STR+2 DEX+4 Evasion+4 ARR!
Meat Lover's Pizza.gif Meat Lover's Pizza 32 20 STR+5 AGI+4 Accuracy+3 Eating one of these around your vegan girlfriend is not a good idea.
Meatball and Spaghetti Dinner.gif Meatball and Spaghetti Dinner 21 30 STR+3 END+2 HP+10 Your tastebuds will melt over this delicious meal.
Metal Doughnut.gif Metal Doughnut 21 3 HP+10 DEF+3 Teeth shattering good!
Mossy Cake.gif Mossy Cake 25 4 MAG+2 HP+5 MP+7 Once upon a time there existed a lost baker. During his travels back home, he stumbled across a swamp. Hungry and tired, he used his incredible baking abilities and the fire magic of his Glowe to create this mossy cake.
Mountaineer's Stew.gif Mountaineer's Stew 31 20 END+5 Accuracy+4 DEF+3 This chunky stew is a favorite of mountaineers everywhere.
Nightfall Pizza.gif Nightfall Pizza 47  ?? DEF+3 END+6 MP+8 [Resist Earth] +5 STR-5 AGI-2 Experience point bonus+5% The kind of pizza you make in the dead of night when you have a whole lot of chocolate and not a whole lot of sense.
Nutty Bread.gif Nutty Bread 7 2 HP+7 Accuracy+2 AMAAAAAZING BREEEEEEAD
Pancakes.gif Pancakes 15 8 HP+15 DEF+1 AGI-1 Pass the syrup, would you?
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.gif Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 10 4 END+2 HP+7 It's peanut butter jelly time!
Pickle Sundae.gif Pickle Sundae 24 3 HP+5 DEF+1 For your expectant characters.
Pinga Panini.gif Pinga Panini 36 35 STR+2 DEX+6 HP+10 Olives for eyes? Reeeeeal mature.
Pinga Pie.gif Pinga Pie 30 75 STR+6 END+5 DEX+6 MAG-3 This is actually ridiculously good!
Plum.gif Plum Bok 44 STR+15 MAG+15 Accuracy+10 Magical Accuracy+10 This fruit is only enjoyed by the rich and famous of Acitius City. The producer of the plums only sells a variation that is seedless to ensure that nobody else can produce them. It is said to taste like the sweet taste of victory.
Popcorn Shrimp.gif Popcorn Shrimp 28 5 STR+3 AGI+3 Accuracy+2 If only December saw an onslaught of giant tins filled with three different flavors of these bad boys.
Rainbow Fruit.gif Rainbow Fruit 30 5 MAG+1 HP+7 MP+15 Is this a relative of the rainbow apple perhaps? Rainbow fruit are at their most plentiful during a light rain storm.
Ratatouille.gif Ratatouille 29 75 HP+15 DEF+3 RES+1 This recipe was quite involved. You should be proud!
Roast Beef Sandwich.gif Roast Beef Sandwich 10 3 STR+2 HP+7 Add some barbeque sauce and you have yourself a meal!
Salmon Steak.gif Salmon Steak 38 35 STR+5 AGI+3 Evasion+2 Fake steak.
Sea Cake.gif Sea Cake 36 20 END+4 DEF+4 RES+4 The recipe for this cake was said to be found in a sunken ship. I'll be honest, it's really not good at all.
Seafood Taco.gif Seafood Taco 26 24 MAG+3 DEF+2 RES+2 This homemade taco with groundup, sticky squid is perfect for any seafood fanatic!
Shish Kabob.gif Shish Kabob 26 5 STR+4 HP-5 Aftermath Zone waves all responsibility if you stab yourself in the mouth while attempting to eat this death stick of a meal.
Shrimp Roll.gif Shrimp Roll 25 40 AGI+1 MAG+3 RES+3 This finely-made sushi roll will elevate your tastebuds to another realm of delectability.
Skull Sundae.gif Skull Sundae 20 35 MAG+4 HP-10 It just winked at you...
Spilt Milk.gif Spilt Milk 17 11 DEX-1 HP+8 A series of unfortunate events has led this milk to be everywhere but in the bottle...
Squall Fin Salad.gif Squall Fin Salad 38 29 STR+5 DEX+5 RES-2 Don't tell the Old Man, but this Squall fin salad is delectable and a favorite amongst all pets... even Squall.
Squash Cake.gif Squash Cake 42 50 MP+30 Okay, but why?
Sticky Toffee Pudding.gif Sticky Toffee Pudding  ??? 85 STR+6 DEX+3 MAG+6 AGI-1 This scrumptious dessert is a favorite of our King <a href="/wiki/Ace" title="Ace">Ace!
Strawberry Milkshake.gif Strawberry Milkshake 9 5 DEX+1 Magical Accuracy+2 A delicious strawberry milkshake. Some people prefer this over chocolate or vanilla.
Strawberry Supreme Cake.gif Strawberry Supreme Cake 20 30 DEX+5 HP+10 AGI-1 A delicious strawberry cake crafted by a skilled chef.
Stuffed Bell Peppers.gif Stuffed Bell Peppers 29 30 MP+4 HP+3 MP+10 These hallowed bell peppers have been stuffed with ground beef, tomatoes and onions. The melted cheese topping makes for a delicious meal.
Stuffed Shek Shell.gif Stuffed Shek Shell 35 40 STR+2 END+4 DEF+3 RES+3 An authentic Shek shell stuffed to the rim with Shek meat and flavored with exotic spices. Mm, mm, mm.
Tapioca Pudding.gif Tapioca Pudding 8 5 HP+10 This is so delish!
Trick or Treat Baggie.gif Trick or Treat Baggie 5 25 DEX+1 AGI+1 There's something moving inside!
Tropical Pizza.gif Tropical Pizza 32 20 END+2 MAG+3 Magical Accuracy+4 A pizza with an exotic twist!

Tuna Sandwich.gif

Tuna Sandwich 45 100 STR 5 MAG 5 Intellect 3 Accuracy 3 HP 5 MP 5 Wait... if this is hellen, then whose corpse was it in chapter 2...? Really.gif
Uberprotein Milkshake.gif Uberprotein Milkshake 20  ?? STR+3 Eva+3 Acc+3 DEF+1 HP Regen+2 Experience point bonus+5% If this power food doesn't make a man out of your pet, you'd better get yourself a montage.
Vanilla Milkshake.gif Vanilla Milkshake 6 2 MAG+1 MP+5 So, you must be pretty boring, huh?
Veggie Pizza.gif Veggie Pizza 33 20 DEX+2 MAG+3 Intellect+1 HP+10 A cheesy pizza with all-vegetable toppings!
Veggie Sandwich.gif Veggie Sandwich 12 4 END+1 MAG+1 HP+7 Fresh lettuce and tomato in between two slices of bread. Yum?
Witch's Brew.gif Witch's Brew 20 22 MAG+3 Intellect+3 Magical Accuracy+3 RES+1 MP Regen+2 This brew is bubbling with the essence of magic. Its taste is another story.
Wroo Popsicle.gif Wroo Popsicle 20 3 DEX+1 AGI+1 HP+1 A lemon flavored popsicle in shape of a Wroo.
XTREME Cola.gif XTREME Cola 20 1 Accuracy+1 Magical Accuracy+1 HP+3 MP+3 AMZade's largest competitor! Which do you prefer?
XTREME Juice.gif XTREME Juice 15 1 HP+7 MP+5 A healthier alternative to XTREME Cola.

Regimen Point Items

These items are sold at the Regimen Heaven for Regimen Points.

Image Item Name Price in RP XP Bonuses Description
Bucket of Pinga.gif Bucket of Pinga 15 20 STR+4 HP+13 MAG-3 The mashed up corpse of a Pinga.
Cheese Bell.gif Cheese Bell 4 4 AGI+3 HP+10 This is probably the silliest thing I have ever heard.
Chewed Gum.gif Chewed Gum 3 4 Accuracy+1 AGI-1 If you are even thinking about using this in a recipe, shame on you!
Golden Tofu.gif Golden Tofu 5  ? AGI+5 DEX+2 [Resist Dark] +1 Experience point bonus+5% Tofu unlike any tofu you have ever seen... It appears to be emitting a soft golden light.
Golden Teabag.gif Golden Teabag 4 3 STR+1 DEX+4 This teabag is used to make a rich and rare cup of tea fit for a king.
Mottled Gourd.gif Mottled Gourd 6 10 STR+3 DEX+3 AGI+3 MAG+3 HP-10 Evasion-2 A rare, spotted gourd with an unpleasant flavor. That kooky Giuseppe swears it adds the "most necessary zest" to any recipe. I'm not sure if I believe him.
Parsnip.gif Parsnip 4 4 END+2 DEF+2 RES+2 For all you know it could be a carrot dyed white!

Game Prize items

These items can only be won by playing What's Behind the Curtain.

Image Item Name XP Bonuses Description

Rainbow Apple.gif

Rainbow Apple 3 MAG+4 MP+5 Whisked away from a magical tree, these apples are said to only grow during rainbows.

These items can only be won by playing Dumpster Diving.

Image Item Name XP Bonuses Description

Apple Core.gif

Apple Core 4 END-1 Intellect-2 You'll find no core-ny description here! Oh, wait...

Beloved Family Pet.gif

Beloved Family Pet 10 END-2 Accuracy-2 Fluffy? Fluffy, why won't you eat? FLUFFY?

Greasy Burger.gif

Greasy Burger 2 STR+2 AGI-1 Evasion-1 Yeeeeuck. If your pet can even keep a grip on the thing, it's not too terrible tasting, but hello heart attack!

Moldy Lemon.gif

Moldy Lemon 7 STR-2 Evasion-2 Wait a minute... this isn't mold! This is... facial hair?! ADAM, NOOOO!

Rotten Banana Peel.gif

Rotten Banana Peel 3 AGI-1 Evasion-2 Ohhhh, nonono. I'm not slipping on you this time. You won't get the better of m-AAARGH. *CRASH*

Tuna's Corpse.gif

Tuna's Corpse 1 HP-2 MP-2 Here lies Tuna, who died while waiting for Ace to finish chapter 2. RIP bb Emote love.gif.


Whiskers 5 DEF-2 Well, Mom always wanted a fur coat...


Xludge 2 HP-2 AGI+2 Are you really gonna eat that?

Scratch Card items

These items can be won through Scratch Cards.

Image Item Name Scratchcard Type XP Bonuses Description

Flutter Nuts.gif

Flutter Nuts Bok 3 AGI 2 Flutter nuts seem to "flutter" down from the trees in which they are then collected and sold. They're quite tasty!

Kangur Fruit.gif

Kangur Fruit Bok 8 DEX 1 AGI 4 MAG-1 A fruit that has grown to resemble a Kangur! Wow, you're eating a Kangur's head. Sicko.

Mierra Popsicle.gif

Mierra Popsicle Bok 3 STR 1 MAG 1 A mint-flavored popsicle in the shape of a Mierra.

Moon Fruit.gif

Moon Fruit Bok 7 MP 10 Magical Accuracy 2 It's moon fruit! Does it come from the moon?

Nutty Bread.gif

Nutty Bread Bok 2 HP 7 Accuracy 2 AMAAAAAZING BREEEEEEAD

Party Punch.gif

Party Punch Bok 8 AGI 5 HP-7 A can of punch that's sure to liven up any party. What's in this stuff anyway?


Plum Bok 20 STR 15 MAG 15 Accuracy 10 Magical Accuracy 10 This fruit is only enjoyed by the rich and famous of Acitius City. The producer of the plums only sells a variation that is seedless to ensure that nobody else can produce them. It is said to taste like the sweet taste of victory.

Rainbow Fruit.gif

Rainbow Fruit Bok 5 MAG 1 HP 7 MP 15 Is this a relative of the rainbow apple perhaps? Rainbow fruit are at their most plentiful during a light rain storm.

Colosseum Items

These items are won by defeating opponents in the Colosseum.

Image Item Name Opponent XP Bonuses Description

Belladonna Berries.gif

Belladonna Berries Spirit of the Woods (??) MAG+5 Experience point bonus+5% Generally used in Engajic rituals, these actually taste pretty good.

Lemon Concoction.gif

Lemon Concoction Bernadette 90 MAG 10 MP 20 AGI-4 Lemon juice appears simple but it is mysteriously filling. It's a favorite of Bernadette, which makes you wonder what is actually in the stuff.

The Top Hat items

These items are only available at The Top Hat.

Image Item Name Price in WSG XP Bonuses Description

Chelephant Juice.gif

Chelephant Juice 1,000 100 STR 5 END 5 DEX 5 AGI 5 MAG 5 HP 15 MP 15 Nobody knows where this vile fluid comes from, and nobody dares to ask, but damn, does it ever taste great!

Referral Items

These items are given out as prizes for referring people to the site.

Image Item Name Referrals XP Bonuses Description

Miracle Berries.gif

Miracle Berries 30 500 STR 10 END 10 DEX 10 AGI 10 MAG 10 Accuracy 5 Evasion 5 Intellect 5 HP 30 MP 30 Magical berries from a land far, far, faaaar away. Feed them to your pet and reap the benefits of their mystical magic.

Grum Popsicle.gif

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