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Dating is a unique feature on Acitius that allows your pet to be in a relationship with another pet. There are currently three stages in a pet relationship: In a Relationship, Engaged, and Marriage. Once your pet gets married, you may even receive a special gift from the connoisseur of love himself, Fiyero!



Old Acitius

Through the Dating feature, you could make two pets court. You had to own at least one of the pets. When their love reached a high level, they would move from flirting, to going out, to being engaged, and finally they would get married. Eventually they would have a kid, as long as both parents passed the Parenting class in school. The baby features could be found in the dating section. You could play, feed and care for the babies.

New Acitius

Dating was released to beta testers on 29 January 2010, and was released to all just a few hours afterwards. Engagements eventually came back, and, some time later, marriages came back as well. Currently, kids have not returned to Acitius yet.

Improving a Relationship

Each relationship has a numerical score associated with it, and this score is affected by the events that take place in a relationship. A good indication of how well a relationship is going is to look at the colored hearts that appear to the left of each event. Red hearts are good, pale hearts are neutral, and black hearts are bad. The hearts correspond to numerical values (+1, +0, and -1 respectively) which get added to the relationship's overall score. A blinking meter keeps track of the overall score and it will help determine when your pets can propose. You can view a list of the Top 10 relationships.

There are three kinds of events that can affect a relationship: regular interactions, gifts, and poems. Regular interactions will take place regardless of how hungry or depressed a pet is. However, if your pet is too hungry or depressed to think about dating, then you will not be able to send gifts or write poems. Make sure to feed your pets and play with them!

Screenshot of Dating on New Acitius

Regular Interactions

Every 15 minutes, the two pets in a relationship will have some sort of interaction. The interactions can be good, bad, or neutral, and there is no way for you to ensure that they will be good. Although the mood and hunger level of each pet might increase the chances of getting good or bad interactions.


Having your pet send a gift will always result in a red heart. You can send as many gifts as you want, as often as you want. The only limit is the number of unique gifts that have been released. Possible gifts include all items from Tinker's Toys (as well as other toy items), all items from the Sweet Shoppe, and all items from Suave 'n' Sassy (except for Wedding Rings).

There is also a WSG item called Enchanted Necklace whose exact effects are unknown. It originally boosted the relationship by 50 points, but its effect has since been "increased majorly."

You can only give one of each item as a gift, and once you send the item there is no way to get it back. If a pet breaks up and enters into a different relationship, then that pet will not be able to receive any of the same gifts that they were given from previous relationships. A complete list of gifts that a pet has received can be found on their profile under "view favorite presents."


Writing poems, when done correctly, will always result in a red heart. The requirements of poem-writing is that the poem must be at least three characters in length, and poems written by the same pet must be at least 2 hours apart. Writing poems before the two hours are up will not harm a relationship; you will just get a pale heart, and the 2-hour timer will not be affected.

There are items that give "Poem Writing +1" that can be equipped to a pet. This means that poems written by that pet will be worth more than the usual 1 point. The Lovey Dovey Shield is a weapon that adds to poem writing. There are also some Sacred Stones that add to poem writing.


Pets were once again able to become engaged beginning on 28 March 2010. In order for your pet to be able to propose, your pet must first have a good relationship. When the relationship is good enough, "propose" will be added as an option to the Relationship Action drop-down menu.

After your pets have a strong relationship, you will have to get one of the five Wedding Rings (ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond and serpo), which are sold at Suave 'n' Sassy, for your pet to send with the proposal. After both pets in a relationship have proposed, then the relationship status will automatically be changed to "Engaged". Note that, once you use a Wedding Ring, you will not be able to get it back. Getting engaged will boost the pets' relationship score.


Marriage returned to the site on 28 July 2010. After an engaged couple has improved their relationship enough, they will have the option of getting married. Once the relationship meets the required score the marriage option will be added to the Relationship Action drop-down menu.

After a marriage proposal is made, one of the users must pay a 500 AP fee. After that, each pet will have to write their wedding vows (you can just press some random pets if you don't want to make real vows). Each pet will be shown their partner's wedding vows and the ring that they were given for the engagement. (You don't have to purchase a second ring.) After each user clicks the "I do" button the marriage will be complete! Getting married will boost the pets' relationship score.

Immediately after your marriage is complete, you will receive some presents from Fiyero: the married pets will be able to equip up to 4 Sacred Stones, and each user will be given a Lovey Dovey Potion (in the form of a Wrapped Gift).

Renew Vows

As of August 8, 2014, married pets can renew vows. This requires new rings for the remarriage and 500 AP for the service charge from Fiyero. Renewing vows will not reset the initial marriage date nor will it affect the relationship.

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