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One of Acitius's most popular features has been the forums. Acitius has always had a very open and friendly community. This has been true since Acitius's very beginning, after its death, and since its revival.


Old Acitius Forums

Acitius's forums have gone through many changes throughout the years, however there are no known images of most of the older forum layouts. The current forums are based on the last incarnation of the old AMZ forums.

While AEN existed, there were additional forums for many of the games. After AEN, Ken added four age-based sections, like Kids, Early Teenager, Late Teenager, and Mature. None of the forums were particularly active and eventually the two teenager ones were merged into one.

There were various levels of activity for each of the forums, 'Dead', 'Active', and 'Very Active'.

Notice Board

The Notice Board was a fairly useless and unused feature on AMZ. On the Notice Board, you could pay AP to put up a notice. The more you paid, the higher up your notice would be. You could get a notice for free, but it was at the end of the list. Most of the time these notices were used either for advertising one's shop or random shoutouts. Notice remained active for either 7, 10, or 14 days. It is uncertain for how long. Unless of course if you remember and choose to fix it...

Down Forums

Main article: Down Forum

New Acitius Forums

The first thing that came back to AMZ were the forums. Initially there was only one area to post in, then a number were added. Currently, these are eight forum sections:

  • General Chat
  • Help
  • Role Playing
  • Signature & Graphics
  • Original Works
  • Dating Chat
  • Emotional Help
  • Suggestions

The different levels of activity also returned, with a new level, 'Volcanic':

  • Dead: 0-9 posts
  • Active: 10-29 posts
  • Very Active: 30-49 posts
  • Volcanic: 50+ posts

On November 14, 2010, in the Roleplaying Forums, you could post as one of your characters.

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