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Galleries are a feature on Acitius for showing off!


On old AMZ, you had to have your gallery approved by staff in order for it to become official. It would replace your shop on your account. For this reason, many people created their galleries on their side accounts. In order to have your gallery approved it needed to be mostly complete and could not already exist. There was a list available on AMZ of existing galleries.


The submission process was very simple. You were required to:

  • have an idea that was not already done
  • get the items you wanted to be in your gallery in your shop
  • give your gallery a name
  • explain why it should be made into a gallery

Most people did not understand the first or second qualifications. Most applications were of galleries that already existed, and did not have enough relevant items to qualify. In fact, many applications were of empty shops to create a gallery that already existed. Several galleries descriptions would have nothing to do with the items in the gallery. Sometimes, even though you could not sell anything in your gallery, people wrote that they wanted to create a gallery in order to sell their items.


On new AMZ, galleries cost 500ap to open up. There is no limit as to how many galleries someone can open up. There is no application process. You can call your gallery whatever you'd like and put whatever you'd like in it. It is perfectly acceptable for there to be be multiple copies of the same themed gallery.

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