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Games are the source of AP on Acitius. The better you do in the game, the more AP you win. In addition to winning AP from Games, almost all games currently give out Trophies and/or Achievements. There are 3 categories of games, Action, Luck & Chance, and Puzzle. There are currently 11 games on AMZ.

Action Games

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Action games take fast actions to do better in the game, usually involving dodging something with the mouse or keyboard.

The current Action Games are:

  • Snogo Snowballs
    • Help a Snogo named Tai dodge a barrage of snowballs thrown by bullies.
  • Pingascape
    • Capture as many pingas as you can before they escape from the pound.

Luck & Chance Games

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There are currently 5 Luck and Chance games. They involve absolutely no skill whatsoever and are purely based on simple luck and chance. The 5 games are:

Puzzle Games

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Puzzle games involve thinking to solve a question(s) usually allowing a lot of time to do so. They are logical and precise. You either know it or you don't. There is no luck or chance involved in these games.

There are currently 4 puzzle games:

  • Enigma
    • Attempt to solve a very hard problem to win a prize and a trophy.
  • Heist
    • Help Tris crack the code to the safe to win AP.
  • Mystery Pet
    • Guess the pet based on its silhouette.
  • What's Rarer?
    • Pick out the rarest item from the objects shown.
  • Memories
    • Memorize the location of the orbs that appear and make a match.
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