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The Gamma Machine is a machine operated by Victoire the friendly mutant. Bringing a Gamma Potion to fuel it will allow you to change the hue, saturation, and brightness of your characters' coloration. In order to entice more victims, Vicky allows you one free use of the machine. Alternatively, you can buy a Gamma Orb, which requires Webshop Gold, and get unlimited 'gammaing' for all of your characters.

Gamma Items

Image Item Name Price Description
Gamma Orb.gif Gamma Orb 5,000 WSG Unlocks unlimited usage for the Gamma Machine. Any pet enchanted with this item will lose its temporary gammas upon putting it up for sale.
Gamma Pop.gif Gamma Pop 1,000 AP This magical ice pop will change your pet's pigment.
Gamma Potion.gif Gamma Potion 2,000 AP or 500 WSG The radiation in this potion is the key ingredient in recoloring your pet! This potion is the fuel required by the Gamma Machine.
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