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Pets are central to Acitius. As the main focus of the site, most of the activities available to you involve caring for your pets or teaming up with your pets to help you in battles, quests, and plots in the Acitian world. Feeding and playing with your pets will keep them in a good mood - when your pets are in a good mood, you can train them, battle with them, and have them date other pets! There are currently 49 species available for creation and 19 ways you can enchant a pet to alter its appearance. It's even possible to change the color of a pet by using the Gamma Machine! Some achievements revolve around pets, as do several of the High Scores lists. Taking care of your pets is essential; it is through them that you interact with the world of Acitius and experience all the wonders the land has to offer.


Pet Care


Pets must be regularly fed to keep their hunger level at "Full," which allows them to participate in battles and dating. Pets can be fed regardless of their hunger status; this means that you can keep feeding a "Full" pet. Pets will not die if they starve, but they will be unable to participate in some activities until their hunger levels are brought back up. They can be fed with all the foods from the shops, the foods made from cooking, or obtained from games, as well as with a Fridge purchased from The Top Hat. Pets will gain XP for eating food but only gain XP for each unique food they eat. Most foods have bonuses associated with them that when eaten will grant the pet abilities or extra stats in the arena for a certain length of time.


In addition to being fed regularly, pets must often be played with. Playing with a pet keeps their happiness level at "Elated," which, like hunger, allows them to participate in pet-related activities. After being used a certain number of times, toys will break and disappear from a user's inventory. The number of times a toy can be used without breaking doesn't appear to be static, and can vary from toy to toy. Toys can be bought from Tinker's Toys, but they can also be received as game or battle prizes. A Playset, purchased from The Top Hat, will allow you to play with all of your pets at once and will not break.


Pets can date each other on Acitius and, through regular interactions, poem writing, and gift giving, can improve their relationship until they can be engaged and then marry. Full and Elated pets can access the dating advertisements, create their own, and reply to others'. If the owner of the other pet accepts your pet's proposal to begin dating, your pet will be listed as in a relationship on their profile and you will have access to the interactions between the two pets. Currently, having a pet marry while attached to your account is the only way to obtain a Lovey Dovey Potion.


Pets can level up through gaining XP by eating new foods or by battling in the Arena or through the Explore page. Leveling up a pet allows them access to different weapons and armor and grants them new abilities. Pets can currently be any of four classes, and when leveling will gain XP only for the class that they are currently assigned to. Each class has their respective skills for use in battle, as well as different weapons and armor tailored to their needs and usable only by their class. Armor and weapons often give stat bonuses to aid your pets in battle, though stats can also be enhanced by equipping augments to your pet. Base stats are unique to each species and change if a pet's species does.


Limited and Special Pets

Currently, the Seregan and the Anishor are the only limited pets on Acitius; they are made available in limitless quantity for one week during the Firebird Festival and Sand Castle Carnival, respectively. Other special pets like the Casroyel, Dodu, Gromo, and Lucan can be created by purchasing their respective potions in the web shop and transforming an already existing pet into the species (by using the potion on them).

Custom Pets

Users on Acitius have the ability to create their own, unique pets onsite. This feature can be purchased for 5,000 WSG from The Top Hat. The image for your pet must be 200x200 pixels or less, and can be of anything you wish (so long as it complies with site rules and is used with permission from the original artist or copyright holder). You can give your species a name that is only usable by you, and you can choose what stats you'd like to put 10 stat points into; these points will make up the base stats of your pet. Custom pets can be gamma'd, but cannot be enchanted.


Enchantments allow users to transform their pets to take on different physical appearances according to the enchantment used. All pets transformed with the same enchantment will have similar qualities while maintaining the features of their species. Enchantments come in forms such as Orbs, Hourglasses, Potions, and other magical objects, and can be obtained through places such as the web shop, the main shops, or by cooking. Some of the enchantments, like all of the Hourglasses, are seasonal items and can only be bought from Aethelia's for certain months of the year.

Other enchantments, like Goop Sacks, allow users to change their pets' gender. Pets can be either neutral, male, female, or intersex, and can be turned from male to female and vice versa by using a Flip Goop Sack. Goop Sacks can be purchased from Aethelia's Magic & Potions or from other users.

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Limited and Special Characters


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