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Pets that are trained with Rogue classes have the ability to learn the skill Pilfer at Lv. 14. This skill has the chance of stealing loot from 1-player opponents in the Arena. A small amount of AP is the most common thing to take from enemies, and the amount varies per area. Items can also be lifted from your targets, and some items are unique to Pilfering, and can't be obtained any other way.

Pilfer doesn't have a 100% chance of success, so it may take several tries to earn your loot, but you can use Pilfer as many times as you want during the battle, since it doesn't cost any ZP/MP to use, and has no “cooldown” time.

Enemies will only carry one thing into a fight you can Pilfer from them, whether it be AP or an item, and you cannot Pilfer from an enemy that has already been brought down to 0hp.

Also, if you pilfer any items/ap, and then your pets lose the fight, your loot is not lost.


Dirt Path

Enemy Name Pilferable Items/AP
Punk Kangur 1-3 AP, Punk Cuff
Punk Paw 1-3 AP, Baseball Bat, Greasy Burger
Punk Sabre 1-3 AP, Punk Cuff, Sabre Sacred Stone
Wild Dodu 1-3 AP, Dodu Plushie

Acitius Thickets

Enemy Name Pilferable Items/AP
Earth Felynx 2-5 AP, Felynx Tail, Leaf Shield
Spider Cap 2-5 AP, Toy Spider, Leaf Shield
Tribal Mierra 2-5 AP, Squiggly Voodoo Needles, Tribal Mierra Wand

Acitius City Fountain

Enemy Name Pilferable Items/AP
Giant Crab 2-7 AP, Giant Crab Claw, Poyster
Jelly Cap 2-7 AP, Jellyfish, Poyster
Nautipus 2-7 AP, Squid, Poyster

Inside Woods

Enemy Name Pilferable Items/AP
Dark Zael 2-7 AP, Zael Wings, Poyster
Ghost Felynx 2-7 AP, Ghost Necklace, Felynx Tail, Spooky Sacred Stone
Ghost Kangur 2-7 AP, Spooky Sacred Stone, Ghost Necklace

Hidden Temple

Enemy Name Pilferable Items/AP
Holy Blender Nothing
Light Bibby 4-10 AP
Phantasm Snogo 4-10 AP
Tigrex Guardian 4-10 AP
  • The Holy Blender had a chance of pilfering the item Holy Blender at one time, but this was later removed, most likely to keep it from deflating too much in price.
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