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The rules are located here.


The Rules may be modified without warning and all changes come into effect immediately unless otherwise stated. It is your responsibility to review the rules page periodically to check for any changes. For a more in-depth reading of the Rules, please read the Terms and Conditions. You should also read our Privacy Policy.

Please remember that you are a guest at this website, and as such, we have the right to ask you to leave for any reason.

1. If it is not yours, leave it alone. This includes, but is not limited to, other members' accounts and everything located therein, any prizes or items awarded in games, contests, or shops, and any original AMZ content. If you use any of our work elsewhere, remember to include "Copyright 2009-2017 Acitius / Aftermath Zone. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission" or "(C) 2009-2017 Acitius / Aftermath Zone. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission" on those works. If you want to use someone else's work, ask them and respect their wishes. Read the Terms and Conditions section "User Submitted Materials" for an understanding on what we may do to what you submit. Attempting to gain access into someone else's account will result in a suspension of your own account.

2. You may only have access to your own account(s). You have no reason to attempt to gain access into someone else's account. See rule 1 for more information.

3. (EFFECTIVE 6 OCTOBER 2009) You may have up to three (3) accounts. One (1) is a main account used for games and other activities, the other two (2) are for storing pets, items, galleries, etc... All side accounts must be linked to your main account on the Side Accounts page. If you have not yet activated your accounts, you will need to do so in order to link them. If you have any problem linking your side accounts, please contact Fear. If you do not link your side accounts to your main account, you may be warned or banned.

Refrain from using your secondary accounts for multiple entries to Enigma, contests, playing games, abusing any of the ratings and rankings systems on AMZ, or for anything else that might give you an unfair advantage over anyone else. Please remember that quests are only to be done on your main account, and completing quests on multiple accounts constitutes earning AP on multiple accounts, which is against the rules. For questions about what you can and cannot do on your side account(s), please refer to the Side Account F.A.Q.s. (EFFECTIVE 14 MARCH 2011) If you are the owner of more than three (3) accounts created before the limitation, no more than three (3) of these accounts may hold the maximum of twenty-four (24) pets.

4. Let everyone have an equal chance on the site; keep the "cheat" and "hack" usage, discussion, and transmission of them off the site. If you feel accomplished by doing any of these, or similar, activities, please get a life. Cheats and hacks include, but are not limited to, gaining AP, items, trophies, etc. through unapproved methods, such as the help of any scripts, programs, generators, or any method that does not involve you actually using the site. Using multiple accounts to artificially inflate the price of an auction is strictly prohibited.

5. Each account is to be used by one (1) and only one person.

6. Be yourself, not someone else. No one wants their identity stolen, not even as a joke. Impersonating staff will result in a suspension of your own account.

7. You are responsible for your own actions. Refrain from excessive obscenities and profanity, sexual content, personal attacks on either an individual or group of people, slanderous, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening and harassing suggestions, comments and/or images, promoting and discussing illegal/illicit behavior and actions, hateful or discriminatory speech, abusive, disruptive, and other crude behavior.

8. Posting music and videos on AMZ is permitted, however, you must include a clearly visible and working way to stop and/or pause the music/video.

9. If you like spam, eat it. Keep it off of AMZ. The same holds true for f l o o d i n g, SCREAMING, flames, trolls, and repetitive behavior, and repetitive behavior. Good luck eating those.

10. If you want a date or any other sort of real-life companionship, get out of the house and find someone. AMZ is not the place to do it. If you want a date for your pet use the Dating Chat. Common courtesy dictates that you should ask the pet's owner before starting a relationship with their pet.

11. Respect everyone's point of view. We understand that you are right and they are wrong, but they still have the right to say it as long as it does not break any of the rules. Debating is fine; it is constructive. Arguing is not acceptable.

12. Personal information, including but not limited to, real names, e-mail addresses, passwords, age, gender, mailing address, etc. are private. If it's not yours, you have no reason to ask for or know it. All personal information that AMZ asks for upon registration can be hidden or modified through the Edit Profile page. Read our Privacy Policy; you will see that we never use nor distribute your personal information, (although we may on rare occasion send out an email for your benefit). Keep your information updated, current, and correct. Should you ever have a problem accessing a site, we may need to verify that you are who you claim to be. It's easier to know the truth than to remember a lie.

13. Speak English. We understand that there are members from all over the world in our community, and that there are variances in English throughout the world. However, in order to help everyone communicate more effectively, and to make the staff's jobs easier, we ask that you please use English. Remember, numbers are not parts of words in English, and the only two words that are one letter long are "a" and "I."

14. Please post in the appropriate forum section. If your post does not fit in any of the available sections, or fits in more than one, use your best judgment. We will correct you if you are wrong. While you're figuring out where your post belongs, remember that the forums are an open medium that are meant for more than two-person conversations. If you only want one person to respond to your thread, use zMail. However if you're looking for a date for your pet (see rule 10) or are role-playing, it's okay to have a private board in those sections only.

15. Acitius is a noncommercial service that should only be used for noncommercial purposes. If you need money, earn it elsewhere.

Remember, only people with the word @ by their username are staff. Unless they have purchased a custom star, they will have a green star by their name.

Please report anyone who you see breaking the Rules or Terms of Service to Fear or one of the staff members listed as a "Moderator" on the Staff page. This will help keep AMZ safe and fun.

If you're still unsure about how to act on the Forums or IRC, you should check out the Etiquette Guide.

Be careful on giving out your private information online. Not everyone is who they claim to be and you can't take the information back, nor be sure that it doesn't spread or fall into the wrong hands. AMZ cannot be held liable if you give out your own private information and the outcome is not as desirable as you had expected. And of course, you have no reason to give out personal information that is not your own. If someone wants their information to be given to another person, they can do it themselves.

Due to the fact that we cannot cover every possible scenario in the rules, TOS, and PP, the staff reserves the right to take whatever action they feel is necessary to keep the site safe.

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