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What's a Template?

Templates are special tools that allow you to put down a whole lot of information with a single word! Templates usually have categories already inside them, so adding a template also adds a category along with the nice little navigation bar.

Whenever you make a new page, adding a matching template is a wise idea. The new page should then be added to the template itself so that others can find it more easily. More than one template may be used if all templates are appropriate to the page.

To use a template simply cut and paste it into the bottom of the page. That's all you need to do!

What's a Category?

A category is a special page used to list similar pages. For example, Games is a category. To use a category, simply paste the category code at the bottom of the page. For example: [[Category:Items]]

Please add categories to the summary box of an uploaded image or at the bottom of a page that does not have a template on it. This helps keep the wiki easy to navigate for everyone!

For a full list of current categories, Go to our category page!

List of current Templates

If you make a new template, please add it to the list so others can enjoy it.

Template Code Associated Category Usage
{{Basics}} Basics Used on pages containing basic site information about Acitius
{{Pets}} Pets Put at the bottom of pages about Pets.
{{Arena}} Arena Put at the bottom of pages about pages concerning the Arena
{{Features}} Features Put at the bottom of pages about things to do on Acitius
{{Games}} Games Put at the bottom of pages about Games.
{{Items}} Items Put at the bottom of pages about items
{{stub}} Stubs Put at the top of a page that needs more information
{{Enchantments}} Enchantment Put at the bottom of pages about Enchantments.


Templates is part of a series on Acitius Basics.

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