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Zanris is a Default Dodu who owns Club Diamond.


Zanris's father is the creator and CEO of AMZade products, and his mother is the heir of the Tipsy Tuskers company. As a direct result of both his parents’s beverage empires, Zanris has always lived in the lap of luxury. As a child, he went to prestigious schools and only mingled with the children of other wealthy families. He was quite spoiled and accustomed to getting what he wanted, when he wanted.

It wasn't until his early 20s that Zanris's parents finally forced him to stop relying on their money and get a job, which he was reluctant to do at first. They encouraged him to follow their footsteps and enter the beverage business, but Zanris decided that not only was he going to be successful, he was going to do it in an entirely unrelated field - to really show his parents! With a lot of "hard work" and a small loan of one million AP from his parents, Zanris opened Club Diamond, where he sells luxury goods at a discount for the people of Acitius Kingdom.


While Zanris has led a very charmed life, it hasn't gone to his head - at least not too much. He's very relaxed and easygoing, although he has a bad habit of being incredibly informal. He also has no concept of money; what he considers dirt cheap is easily hundreds of AP, and he doesn't understand why poor and working class people make such a fuss about it.


  • Zanris's favorite music genre is dubstep.
  • Zanris is currently dating Bernadette.
  • His favorite AMZade flavor is root beer.
  • Adam is his best friend.
  • Zanris' image was drawn by amelia!
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